Team forums now open
The team forums are now open!
In order to be allowed into your team forum you need to have a paid ticket. Once you request access to the team forums, your ticket will be locked and cannot be moved to another team.

To get access to your team forums, request access to the usergroup with the name of your main team.
Please note that you will not be able to see any team forums except for Civilian part until you have gained access.

More information on how to join the team forums can be seen here.
The shop for BERGET 16 is now OPEN! Please note that this is just a smal selection of the products that will be avaliable at the onsite shop of Berget 16!

You are free to either pay while placing your order, or on site when picking up your products.

Go to Berget shop here.
Berget shop & BAVS
We are now ready to open the Berget shop with the BAVS anti vehicle weapons. There will be 40mm grenades, AT-4, TOW´s and hit receivers available. Please keep in mind that due to the high demand you are only allowed to book one BAVS weapon per person/ticket-id. We will also keep some extra BAVS in offline-stock to make sure that the balance is even between the main teams.

The shop will open on sunday the 25th of march 20:00 CET

/ Berget Crew

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