Commander Selection and Roadmap

We had a large number of commander applications this year, and after talking and interviewing them all, we have made our decisions which we now are very pleased to announce on our forum here: Link to Commanders!

We are still interested in coy and platoon-level officers so please keep contacting us on and we will forward you to the commanders and their HQ.

With the commander selection now announced we also want to reveal our roadmap moving forward.

In the next weeks we will set up and open the forums to the Commanders for them to start their planning. We aim to have the operational orders completed by the end of March and the team forums will be opened as soon as the tickets are locked so that  no players can change teams.

We will of course continue to keep you all updated, so keep an eye out both on the news here and on the forums.
Payment reminder!
Please keep in mind that we will remove unpaid tickets one month after booking. This means that we will soon delete the unpaid tickets booked at the first evening for the discounted price. Make sure to pay it ASAP if you still want too keep your ticket.

We will not remove unpaid tickets in the cases you have been in contact with us regarding payment issues. For payment questions, please email

Best regards - Berget Crew
Commander Applications!
The time has come to apply for main commander for NAF, UPIR and Mercenarys!

If you want to apply for the tough but important job as main commander; Please send an application to , and have " Main Commander " as subject.

Enclose the following:


-A short private resume regarding your civilian life and job.
-Any military or leadership experience.
-Your previous berget experience.
-Present an example of a HQ Crew setup
-A short presentation on your thoughts about the upcoming berget and how you will carry out your command.

We are closing applications for main commanders December 17th and we are hoping to have all commanders selected by January 2018.

If you want to step up and apply for platoon or Coy commander, please email with topic "Officer" after you have a berget ticket. We will forward your contact information to the selected commander.

Good luck!

/ Berget Crew

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