Commander Applications!
The time has come to apply for main commander for NAF, UPIR and Mercenarys!

If you want to apply for the tough but important job as main commander; Please send an application to , and have " Main Commander " as subject.

Enclose the following:


-A short private resume regarding your civilian life and job.
-Any military or leadership experience.
-Your previous berget experience.
-Present an example of a HQ Crew setup
-A short presentation on your thoughts about the upcoming berget and how you will carry out your command.

We are closing applications for main commanders December 17th and we are hoping to have all commanders selected by January 2018.

If you want to step up and apply for platoon or Coy commander, please email with topic "Officer" after you have a berget ticket. We will forward your contact information to the selected commander.

Good luck!

/ Berget Crew
Tickets out!
The tickets are now released! Use the following link to book your tickets: Get your ticket here!

The first 1500 tickets were sold within the first hour after ticket release. We are very happy to see this many new and returning customers to our next event 2018.

Check out all players here: B16 playerlist
Ticket release date!
Tickets will go on sale Sunday the 5th of November 2017 20:00 CET (GMT+01). On the first night of release, the tickets will be sold at a discounted price of 129€ (the discount is 30€).

We can already see a huge interest for Berget 16 and tickets to this year's game will run out fast. Especially to smaller units like Rangers, Mercenaries and Shadows. Have yours and your team-mates information ready to book and make sure to have second choices if your preferable teams get sold out.

Good luck and happy Halloween!

/ Berget Crew

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