What happend whit the patches?

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What happend whit the patches?

Post by Fraggmaster » 12 Jul 2010, 22:03

Just wonder? Looks like someone own several ppl here some money for non supplied batches, or?

/ Fragg
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Post by Losolos » 12 Jul 2010, 22:50


94 € from me and since 1 week no response on email or PM mr. whiteace !

he promised me on beerparty patches or money back in a few weeks .. now the weeks are finally over !?
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Post by WhiteAce » 13 Jul 2010, 09:19

Sorry for not answering PM's... but I can't get the settings right for that should send me an email as soon as I get one in...

About the patches.
I am trying to come to an agreement with the producer: https://www.butlersourcing.com

What you all don't know I will now try to explain.

I have received a total of some €644,- for patches ordered. The total amount of patches ordered that I had to pay Butler sourcing was: $1683,- This total, minus the €644,- that was not payed yet by them that ordered with me was payed out of my own pocket. For me that was (next to the Berget trip) a huge amount of money.
Ever since returning from Berget I have been trying to contact Butler to get my money back from them - your money too that is. But until now they have not been willing to do so (company policy they say) They are willing to give me a company credit of some $2200,- A nice guesture but not to my willing.
I then offered them to have only a part of the orriginal order to be produced (only for them that actually paid) and give me back the rest of the money... I am still waiting for an answer for that...

I hope I write good so you may understand what I'm trying to fix here. I am as eager to get answers as you are, so I do understand what you are asking of me.
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