Team balance

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 14
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Team balance

Post by Berget-events » 04 Jul 2016, 20:46

We worked hard for the teams to even balanced in numbers. How did you experience it?

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Re: Team balance

Post by L4gi » 04 Jul 2016, 21:55

Numbers were good, but I think what actually made the game balanced was two absolutely fantastic HQs which ensured both sides had competent leadership.

Only downside was the completely rediculous "doubleagents" or whatever I heard were on both sides. I know Ian(and our XO Obisan for that matter) got stabbed by a player registered for the blue side. How are you supposed to protect your commander against something like that when you arent allowed to use rubber knives and the attacker is supposedly on your team. Impossible to stop, and completely ruins the game. Luckily it was only done towards the end of the game.

I heard Vinni suffered a similar fate?
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Re: Team balance

Post by vinni » 05 Jul 2016, 13:22

I did not notice anything resembling double agents, only got shot once by accident when people were dicking around at my HQ (which happened a lot, tbh)
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Re: Team balance

Post by wormbyte » 05 Jul 2016, 13:53

Personally I think the balance was a vast improvement from last year. It felt an even fight.
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Re: Team balance

Post by Arradin » 05 Jul 2016, 16:10

There were *NO* Double agents this year.
Sure, Both red and blue had a non-hostile Civilian in town, but the rest was made by player LARP , something about them being brainwashed etc, and some were captured and convinced to help the other side.. But non of this was BE Coordinated, was all the players themselves.
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Re: Team balance

Post by Windi^ » 05 Jul 2016, 19:17

Arradin wrote:There were *NO* Double agents this year.
Sure, Both red and blue had a non-hostile Civilian in town, but the rest was made by player LARP , something about them being brainwashed etc, and some were captured and convinced to help the other side.. But non of this was BE Coordinated, was all the players themselves.
That is still BS. We at the HQ have enough to do already, so I am sorry, but we don't have time to concentrate on individual players LARP missions etc, leading to neglegting those. If BE would put out a general rule how players should make their LARP stories, it would help. I hate that every LARP player seems to have a goal killing someone, or just some other way to screw you over. That leads to players not trusting LARP players, and why should they, which leads to severe reduce in LARP game play. You guys can make better stories than this. How many years have we had Dr Black? And even we captured her, her apprentice (played by the same player) would continue similar LARP objectives. That sucks on the NAF point of view, you captured one, go get the same one again. One similar role per player, if it dies/gets captured, your next role is totally different.
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Re: Team balance

Post by grasulas » 06 Jul 2016, 00:02

Very balanced game this year congrats to the players and GM who manage to make it happen, see you next year guys....
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Re: Team balance

Post by Jack Scarecrow » 06 Jul 2016, 20:40

I totaly agree that there should be no team turners or undercover agents that try to murder ''their own'' HQ.
It causes a total mess and no one trusts anyone. It´s too much of a cheap move to just strot into your own HQ and kill an officer.
I had problems with that aswell, found out the guards at HQ had gotten order to shoot me on sight, apparently because someone claimed to have seen me film into the HQ tent.... Total bullshit and I was barely around there at all.
Even though I had reapeated over and over and even offgameish I was NOT undercover or a spy for the enemy I still wont get trusted. It´s very frustrating.
I am tired of getting treated like I am a spy just because I choose to larp, And getting discriminated because of it. But at the same time I understand that it turned out like that because at most BEs larp roles have been undercover spies, trying to assassinate people, selling information etc.

And Windi: Dr. Black was at his 2nd berget, He was supposed to be a 1 BE character but because blue side failed horribly last year he got to move on for another year.
But does it really bother you? Does my larp role effect your game in any way? If you do not like it, Just ignore it? Just like with civilians, if you do not like larping with them, stay away from them and let others do it.
Dr. Blacks work had no real ingame effect whatsoever, I minded my own business and had lots of fun larping with and towards others. (Or well my work did end up saving civilians from som poisons, which I had no knowledge of before NAF told me about it).
Dr. Black now got captured and is reported executed by NAF. Storywise Reaper is still alive and sure she MIGHT continue Dr. Blacks work in the future, but I have totaly different plans for next BE where I will NOT be playing something like Dr. Black and make drugs.
And who says Reaper wont be Blue when she arrives again? Dr. Black was supposed to be NAF this year but it got changed. I wanted to be blue when I first planed for this event, to get more access to town, But I also saw Red was the larp friendly side and I got suggested by BE to pick red.
Reaper was NOT Dr. Blacks apprentice at the start, the story got twisted and changed during the game.
Reaper was an extra role I used to be able to move around the map without risking Dr. Black. Because you know, being stuck at base all game isn´t fun, And I couldn´t risk to lose my role early in the game. Reaper was doing totaly different things from Dr. Black. She was supposed to be an NPC selling drugs and weapons to Bandits. They weren´t even supposed to be drugs from Dr. Black but because Berget themselves didn´t have the time to give me the drug packages I was supposed to have and all answers I got was ''later, later, later, not now'' I had to sell my own stash, and the story changed slightly because of that as I had to say Dr. Black made them, Even though Dr. Black storywise would not be making ''that'' kind of drugs.
Things got a bit messed up, I got told things that changed, I had to improvise, It happens, not my fault. :?
In the end it did not effect the game at all and I don´t see why people would complain about me having two roles? Is it not just a + to know that since you had Dr. Black captive, the other role was automaticly gone from the game aswell during that time.

Sure I will still be playing a ''role'' next berget and I know what I will be aiming for (Prisoner handling, Recon, Spy).
But I wont be doing anything weird and it will not be a role the enemy would have to ''take out''.
I might still be ''wanted'' though.

There are also ofc the fact that we tend to use the same clothes and gear for future bergets, but play totaly different roles. So don´t be confused if you see me wearing the same clothes as my roles had this year. I tend to play in that black uniform alot. Since I play a role, I prefer to stand out. Next BE I might be wearing normal gear however, depending on how my plans go, Or I might dress up again. I'll see.
I am mainly an airsofter, Not a larper. But I get more and more into larping and I do love the extra it adds to the games. One thing you should know about me though is that my larping doesn´t effect the overall game.
I would NEVER play undercover in a team and then try kill their HQ, I am loyal to the team I choose to go as, and I give the same respect to others as they give to me.
If they push me away, then I will go away. If they wont trust me, I wont bother to be trustworthy. And I am very glad it haven´t gone as far as me having to betray my own team like alot others seem to do when they get displeased with their command.
But I still wouldn´t kill my own officers. Because I know it just ruins the game and creates a mess that damages future games aswell.
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Re: Team balance

Post by Klings » 09 Jul 2016, 10:01

I think the game was balanced. But the playes who turned enemies because of flowers and other stuff, did not add anything but fustrating for me and my company.
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Re: Team balance

Post by Jack Scarecrow » 09 Jul 2016, 14:13

Well I don´t know what was going on about that. Because it was not my doing, it was the civilian Appelby who was drugging people like that.
But it seems I took alot blame for his doings and getting hate from people for that reason. So to clear it up, Dr. Black did not randomly drug anyone, I only mind-controlled a single guy this game named Cedrik, and my mind-controll only works when I am there with the person.
I do not mess people up and send them on missions to do weird stuff or kill their own people. I can not mind-controll a guy and tell him to go kill his commander at HQ. It does not work like that. I have to be present at all times to give orders.
My other main drug to use was Amnesia, Which is pretty much a way for me to let enemies go alive without having to kill them as they wont remember anything. I use it to be nice. I even save enemy troops from dying or getting executed. Out of the 4 prisoners this berget 1 was a friend of mine (Was a hired guard to me last berget), who I only claimed as prisoner to save him from bleeding out (aka dying). I then let him go from my lab, unharmed and not drugged.
Even though I did try make him spread lies about that Dr. Black was dead and they should stop looking for me.
So pretty much what Dr. Black was doing was ''experimenting'' in his lab, larping with prisoners in there. They are then killed, let go or taken on as ''slaves'' for awhile. The enemies who choose to stay with me are used to get around the map and trick other enemies, which works great.
Of course if the situation required it he could also have defended me by shooting at his own. Which is what happened last year, but the guy was screaming that he was drugged and could not controll himself the entire time to make it as clear as possible. But letting them kill their own is something I try avoid as much as possible, Which the NAF guy Cedrik can confirm as we meet a blue sniper he concidered knifekilling, but I wanted to just knock him out instead. But in the end we didn´t have to do anything against that sniper. I could have easily killed him for sure, but why would I? It´s not with my role to do such things.
However I did have 2 friends at NAF who wanted to try save me when I was in NAF prison camp, wanting to kill their commander and guards but I told them to just knock the guards out instead. It was entirely their idea and I figured people do want some action every now and then as the prison guards looked bored. And as far as I know, he only did knock out one of the guards before he got shot down.
It would be quite a boring game if nothing ever happened, and a bit of unpredicting things are good for the game.
Guard a CP for 12 hours, no enemies come. Sure good for you as they wont get the point back, but is it fun in the long run?
The larping at berget is very free and people improvise alot, which can turn both good and bad. But as far as I know no civilians were doing something bad like trying to assassinate HQ personnel which is good.
Dr. Black was never supposed to make any antidote to save civilians, I had no knowledge that they were in risk of some chemical weapon about to poison/kill them all. But I did the decision to improvise and help NAF nevertheless as my role had no reason to let civilians die like that (And my secret lover lived at that town :P ) and I did have the skills required for such drugs.
I could also just have said ''Sorry, time´s up'' After spending 2 hours at the NAF base, As that is the time limit rule to hold someone captive. Instead I stayed for 22 hours allowing NAF time to gather the flowers for the antidote. Maybe next time I shouldn´t bother being nice and allowing the larp scenario to go on? Sitting on a chair staring out a window for 9 hours straight during friday wasn´t the greatest of fun. But it was required of my role.
I always try do my best to make the game fun for everyone, and I do not wish to mess things up in such bad ways that people get sad or angry. But there are also alot different people at berget with different ways to play, So what might be fun for others might make someone else angry.
Myself I play for fun, I do not care who win or lose, I do not care if I get to shoot anyone, I am happy just wandering around the area minding my own business. I did not do things that I know would have had a negative impact on the game as a whole, even though I got asked twice to go drug the enemy water supply, I did not want to. Because it was ''too much'' of a game inpact and I did not want my drugs used in such a way.
Sure I still try help my team win of course, But not in that kind of ways. We did capture 2 CPs.
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Re: Team balance

Post by mouse » 09 Jul 2016, 16:17

Sides seemed to be great. Buying tickets was frustrating with you closing sales for the side we wanted to play.

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Re: Team balance

Post by Lowlander » 20 Jul 2016, 00:44

Role well played. Thanks for the drink, Doc

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