An official appology regarding the Armbands.

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Re: An official appology regarding the Armbands.

Post by Marine » 16 Jul 2018, 23:29

Well, armbands were big suprise for us. We bringed our own armbands and it was luck, because I couldn't stand buying this kind of armband for 15 Euros. Seriously. I had a great fun during this event, but when I saw what people are recieving during registration.. that was shot below the belt. I know it's not your fault guys, but someone messed up very seriously, considering how much money was destined for this gadget.

Did authorities thought earlier about making armbands as an issue for a ticket which everyone pay? To be honest it should be given with a starter pack and it's not only mine imagination. Maybe if you would consider it as a privilege and responsibility for you to make armband for every single player who comes for Berget, just maybe there would be less f*ck-up with it.

It's just an idea, no pushing. ;)

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