Drone footage of game area.

Media from previus events
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Drone footage of game area.

Post by Planebeach » 09 Jul 2015, 12:00

Section 13
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Re: Drone footage of game area.

Post by JKangas » 09 Jul 2015, 13:38

Great videos, I spotted them in Youtube already a couple of days ago.

Was this the drone that we saw flying in Ikaros base during ... Friday I think? We saw it taking off a couple of times at the base area farthest from HQ and kiosk buildings. If so, do you have any combat footage? I think there was base harassment going on during flights.
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Re: Drone footage of game area.

Post by Arradin » 10 Jul 2015, 16:11

Wow, nice! im really surprised and impressed at the quality and stability of the footage of this drone, makes me really temped to get one myself.
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Re: Drone footage of game area.

Post by isse » 20 Jul 2015, 13:21

that is becouse the drone is silly expensive...
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