[S] Selling Mercenary Ticket

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[S] Selling Mercenary Ticket

Post by dekan » 06 May 2018, 21:15

I am Dekan in the http://berget.ncds.se/list/playerlist.html

Selling my ticket due to financial problems. I won't be able to attend this year :(

Transport: No transport
Team: Mercenary Soldiers
Rank: Normal player or squad leader
Playerclass: Rifleman
I will attend the free after-game grill party: 1

The price is 150 EUR.
Contact me on dekanovich(at)gmail.com or here.
P.S. I preferrably sell to someone from Russia so I don't have to work on international money transfer.
B9 (2011) - Rifleman - Poldavian 5th Infantry Battalion
B10 (2012) - Rifleman - Poldavian 3rd Mountaineers

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