Tamm Valley Code of Laws

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Tamm Valley Code of Laws

Post by Berget-events » 03 Apr 2018, 16:27

Tamm Valley Code of Laws

Edition 1.0 , April 2018


Section 1. Sentencing
Infraction - Ticket
Class C Misdemeanor - Probation OR Ticket , Depending on the severity.
Class B Misdemeanor - Probation + 50,000 BD Ticket
Class A Misdemeanor - Probation + 100,000 BD Ticket
Felony - 2 hours in Jail
(NOTE: Doesnt need to be in actual jail, just need to be out of game. If Civilian: Character Dies. May respawn as new character after 2 hours, after consulting with larp GM. If Merc: Count as dead, may respawn after 2 hours. For every Mercenary sentenced, Mission rewards will be lowered by 50% for 6 hours )

Section 2. Definitions
Probation - Probation is given for minor misdemeanors. It's to consider a "warning", but if the person is charged with another crime, it will be punished twice as hard regardless of type .
Legal Weapon - Any weapon of below .50 caliber is legal to own, carry and use in Tamm Valley
Illegal Weapon - Any weapon of caliber .50 or above is illegal. Any explosives other than ones designed to take out military vehicles such as mines and claymores are illegal.
Controlled Substances - Methamphetamine, Cocain, Marijuana and Heroin are all illegal to grow, carry or consume. Alcohol and alcoholic drinks except the Local Brew are illegal to own and brew. Moonshine is illegal to handle, own, carry or consume.
Illegal Contraband - Government property, Hacking devices, Explosive devices.
Government Property - Any property issued to a public servant or official.
Criminal Enterprise - An enterprise is any group with members who are associated in a relationship in order to achieve a common purpose, provided the relationship lasts long enough to allow them to pursue that purpose. Thus, a criminal enterprise is an enterprise that engages in criminal acts, usually racketeering
Racketeering - A criminal act to offer a service that is fraudulently offered to solve a problem, such as for a problem that does not exist, that will not be put into effect, or that would not otherwise exist if the racket did not exist. Conducting a racket is racketeering. Particularly, the potential problem may be caused by the same party that offers to solve it, although that fact may be concealed, with the specific intent to engender continual patronage for this party. The racket exists as both the problem and its solution and is used as a method of extortion. Other forms of rackets include: money laundering, fencing goods, murder-for-hire, bribery, extortion, numbers (illegal or unauthorised gambling activities), drug trafficking, embezzlement, selling illegal firearms, and more.

Section 3. Guidelines
Max Sentencing Time - Death Penalty
Failure to pay ticket - 2 minute in jail per $1000 BD
Vehicle related offenses - If offense is not a ticket, Vehicle will be impounded.

Section 4. Speed limits
All roads - 30km/h


Section 1. Offense Alterations
If you are charged with being any of these, the Class level ( Seen below ) will be one less. Example: Attempeted robbery becomes a class A misdemeanor instead of a Felony.
Accessory - A person is guilty of Accessory when they render aid to an indivudual committing a crime.
Attempt - A person is guilty of attempt when they engage in conduct that tends to affect commission of a crime
Conspiracy - A person is guilty of conspiracy when they plan to commit a crime before the crim occurs.
Solicitation - A person is guilty of Solicitation when they solicit, request or command a person to commit a crime

Section 2. Offenses Against Persons
Aggrivated Assault - Class A Misdemeanor - Physically harming an individual with a firearm or object such as bat, baton etc
Assault, 1st Degree - Class B Misdemeanor - Physically harming an individual ( Punching, kicking, spitting )
Assault, 2nd Degree - Class C Misdemeanor - Threatening to kill or harm an induvidual directly or indirectly
Harrassment - Class B Misdemeanor - Intimidating or Pressuring an Individual Aggressively with Unwelcome Words, Deeds, Actions, or Gestures.
Kidnapping, 1st Degree - Felony, Life in Prison(x2 penaltys) - Abducting A Public Servant or Official and Holding Them Against Their Will.
Kidnapping, 2nd Degree - Felony - Abducting Another Person and Holding Them Against Their Will.
Manslaughter - Class A Misdemeanor - Recklessly or Accidently Killing an Individual. NOTE: The victim does NOT have to fully die for the accused to be charged with the crime.
Murder - Felony - Killing a person with the intent to kill, along with premeditation and deliberation. NOTE: The victim must completely die (Bleed out) for anyone to be charged with murder. Otherwise use Manslaughter above.
Stalking - Class B Misdemeanor - The willful repeated or continuing harassment of another individual that would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested, and that actually causes the victim to feel [terrorized, frightened, etc.]
Terrorism - Felonly. Death Penalty(x2 penaltys) - Mass Destruction using Explosive, Means of Biological Warfare, or Violence Against a Large Group of People (4+ Non military personel.)
Unlawful/False Imprisonment - Restricting a Person's Movement (I.e. Detaining them) Without Justification or Intent

Section 3. Offenses against property
Burglary - Class B Misdemeanor - When an Individuals Enters Knowingly and Remains Unlawfully on Private or State Private w/ Intent to Commit Crime.
Destruction of Property - Class A Misdemeanor - Destroying An Individual's Property
Government Trespassing - Class A Misdemeanor - Present Inside/Around Government Property (Including: PD, Jail and Prison, Bank Vault, or any other property owned by the State)
Money Laundering - Felony - Holding/Transferring Money for Criminals.
Possession of Illegal Contraband- Class A Misdemeanor - Possession of any Illegal Contraband (Government Property, Hacking Devices, and Explosive Devices)
Trespassing - Class C Misdemeanor - Present Inside/Around Private Propety Without Owner's Consent.

Section 4. Offenses involving Theft
Bank Robbery - Felony - Robbing a Bank.
Grand Larceny - Felony - Stealing a Vehicle.
Larceny - Class B Misdemeanor - Stealing Property or Money from an Individual.
Robbery - Felony - Using force or the threat of force (Usually with a weapon) to take money or property from another individual, such as pointing a gun at someone and demanding cash. This applies to store robberies and robbing a public servant or official.

Section 5. Offenses against public Administration

Jailbreak - Felony - When an individual breaks into government buildings designated for detainment/imprisonment w/ intent to break the break a prisoner out.
Perjury - Class A Misdemeanor - Lying to a Judge/Court.
Tampering with Evidence - Felony - A person to knowingly alter, conceal, falsify or destroy any record, document or tangible object with the intent to interfere with an investigation, possible investigation or any other proceeding, including a judicial proceeding, by the government.
Tampering with Witness - Felony - An attempt to alter or prevent witness testimony. The action does not actually have to be completed. A person charged with witness intimidation can either be the defendant in a case or a person who tries to interfere with a witness’ testimony on behalf of the defendant or the prosecution. The witness can be a victim or an informant. Examples include: Asking a witness to lie, not testify, testify in a certain way, not report a crime or not cooperate with police; Offering a bribe to a witness; Threatening a witness with physical violence or property damage; Threatening a witness’ family members or loved ones; Using or attempting to use physical force to injure or kill a witness; and Preventing a witness from attending a court hearing, deposition or any other legal proceeding

Section 6. Offenses against public order
Disobeying a Lawful Order of a LEO - $10,000 Ticket - Not Obey an Order Given by any Law Enforcement Officer.
Disturbing the Peace - Class C Misdemeanor - Fighting or Challenging Someone to Fight in a Public Place; Using Offensive words in a Public Place Likely to Incite Violence; Shouting in a Public Place Intending to Incite Violence or Unlawful Activity; Holding an Unlawful Public Assembly; Shouting Profanities at a Person or Persons Over an Extended Period of Time; Being Obnoxiously Inebriated in a Public Space; and Intentionally Playing Loud Music, or Just Being Abnormally and Unnecessarily Loud, Even After a Fair Warning.
Fleeing and Eluding - Class B Misdemeanor - Fleeing the Police on Foot.
Indecent Exposure/Public Lewdness - Class C Misdemeanor - Being Indecently Exposed in Public (Either completely nude or lacking proper attire, ergo, they are running around without pants and a shirt)
Obstruction of Justice - Class B Misdemeanor - Obstructing a LEO's Duties (Investigation, Arrest/Detainment, Apprehension, or Punishment of an Individual that Committed a Crime).
Riot - Class A Misdemeanor - Engaging in Violent Conduct or Creates a Risk of Causing Public Harm w/ a Group of 50 or More.

Section 7. Offenses against public Health
Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing - Felony - Cooking, Cultivating, or Possessing the Tools to Cook, an Illegal Substance.
Moonshining - Felony - Brewing or possessing the tools to brew illegal alcoholic beverages
Drug/Moonshine Distribution - Class A Misdemeanor - Selling Illegal Substances to Civilian or Drug Trader.
Drug Possession - Class C Misdemeanor - Possessing Illegal Substances.
Drug Trafficking - Class B Misdemeanor - Transporting Illegal Substances.

Section 8. Vehicular offenses
Driving While Intoxicated (DUI) - Class B Misdemeanor - Driving Any Vehicle While Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol.
Evading - Class A Misdemeanor - Fleeing the Police in a Vehicle.
Excessive Vehicular Noise - $1,000 Ticket - Playing Loud Music in Vehicle.
Failure to Use Turn Signal - $5,000 Ticket - Failure to Use Turn Signal When Turning.
Failure to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle - $1000 Ticket - Failure to Pull Over When an Emergency Vehicle is Trying to Pass.
Illegal Parking - $1000 ticket - Parking in a way that block other people from safely passing. NOTE: When a vehicle has 3 or more unpaid tickets, police can impound the vehicle!
Negligent/Reckless Driving - Class B Misdemeanor - Negligent Operation of Vehicle that May Cause Harm.
Speeding - Ticket - $1000 for every km/h above the legal 30k/h. Exaple: 40k/h = $10,000 . NOTE if the speeding is clocked at 50km/h or more its a mandatory arrest as a Class A Misdemeanor.
Tampering w/ Vehicle - Class B Misdemeanor - Lockpicking Vehicle or Stealing Rims.

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