UPIR Bravo Company group picture

Media from previus events
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UPIR Bravo Company group picture

Post by Skydeskiven » 03 Jul 2018, 00:30

Hi guys, thanks for an enjoyable Berget.

Friday evening we made a group picture of a lot of the squads in UPIR Bravo Company. Is it possible that all us Bravo people can get a copy of that? Can it for example be uploaded to this forum or a file sharing site?

I was the Vietnam War guy, btw.
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Re: UPIR Bravo Company group picture

Post by Gus » 13 Jul 2018, 15:46


I have the picture and will send it to you right away :)
(First gonna try to upload it here in the comments incase more Bravo people wants it)

Best regards!
Gustavus from F.E.A.R

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Edit: Managed to get link to the picture on my facebook, feel free to download it :)

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