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Post by Arradin » 06 Nov 2018, 21:35

Hello everyone!

Berget 17 will the best yet for LARPers, as we will try to add more depth to the roles and the missions overall.

There are some things that we change to improve the quality in Berget 17:

- One Armband
The Yellow armband is gone. All Civilians and pure LARP roles will have Green/white armband, so if you are a LARPer and see a Green/white armband you can be sure that this person is playing a role, and you can expect to interract with him or her in that manner. Yellow armband were somewhere in between, and the feedback we got from previous years is that its too hard to tell if the person want to larp or not.

- Dedicated GM for LARP Missions and events
Since we don't have a yellow team this year, i will focus on missions and events for all teams, which means that you will have a chance to stumble into things no matter where you are on the game map, and EXPLORING will have rewards. The more dangerous the location, the greater the reward.
This will also mean that you can get more direct feedback on your own missions as they go along.

- Several Larp teams
Both blue and red now have a LARP team each, and the bookings for those are great! Together with Civilians and the Civilian police force, this means that the LARP interractions will happen no mater what team you run into.

- The need for Civilians for main factions
Previous years we have given main commanders the option to be friendly or not to Civilians, which has worked.. Well.. Kinda worked. But this time around, the red and blue will NEED Sertain civilians on their side to complete main missions, and some will even be almost impossible if they are hostile against Civilians. Every single Civilian on Berget 17 will have something that atleast one of the main team want or need, OR they will have something that the red or blue absolutely doesnt want.
Example 1: We will have a news team this year. If they catch blue doing something dodgy, it will come with penalties.
Example 2: Red may need help of sertain Civilians to Package/Transport drugs incognito.

This is all ofcourse depeneding on YOU guys to contact me early to start planning your role(s). The more time i have to put the role into the story, the better the experience will be :)
You can reach me directly at email: berget@arradin.com

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