We are very excited to present the plans for our upcoming Berget game in June 2018. The story will be a direct follow-up on last years event and many units will return this year. As we have done previous years, we will put a lot of effort into balancing the teams to make sure it will be an equally challenging and action packed experience for all sides.
Tickets will run out fast, so please make sure to have a 2nd choice for your team since tickets to some teams/units might run out during the first few hours of ticket release.

Many of our returning players have seen the progress in the digital transformation trend both in Berget and airsoft in general. This Berget game will continue with improvements in communication and technology.

New for this year is that there will be a large cluster of capture points and buildings creating a “factory” that will be one of the main objectives for the teams to control. The team that holds this area will get a “main battle tank unit” with several tanks / armored vehicles at the disposal for their Command. As long as this team controls the area this team will have access to tanks and also respawns / repairs for the tanks. The tanks will therefore be a valuable resource for the team controlling it and can turn the outcome of the battle.

We will continue to upgrade and expand the capture points system to make sure players have a quick way to know which respawns their team is currently holding through their mobile phones.

We will also produce more AT4 and TOW units, which will be available to all sides to meet the current demand. However, with the game balance and previous experience for mechanized players in mind, we will increase reload time and balance hit-points for vehicle armour levels.

During the upcoming months we will rework many rules regarding tanks, vehicles and BAVS to make sure that the game rules are balanced and fun for both infantry and mechanized players.

Rules regarding tanks will be upgraded with strict security measures and one tank will have limited “mine clearing” capability to be able to remove mines from roads.

The mercenary unit will be stronger and play a key role during this event and will therefore have more tickets available than last year.

Some key goals of Berget 16

Game Area
  • Expansion of the playable game area
  • More buildings, roadblocks and objects
  • Expanded base areas to hold more tents
  • Bigger airsoft shop and greater selection of items

  • Upgraded and more balanced BAVS units
  • Better WIFI connection in bases and at some key objectives
  • New capture point / respawn app
  • Huge improvement of radio comms and repeater antennas

  • More individual unit missions to fit the unit selection, like special forces.
  • Capturable “Factory cluster” with access to a tank unit.
  • B16 Forts and objectives will be built at key points on the map

  • Reworked “kiosk” setup in bases to secure quality and service
  • Improved sanitation with more and cleaner toilets
  • Access to showers
  • More new Berget provided tents to all bases
  • More tent space in bases

All tickets to Berget 16 will be released at this website on Sunday the 5th of November 2017 20:00 CET (GMT+01). The tickets will be sold at discounted price of 129€ (the discount is 30€) the first night. The following ticket prices will increase by the turn of each month. We are doing this to reward those who buy their tickets early which help us plan and make a better Berget for all.

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