Berget Map
This years long awaited ingame map is now ready!

It can be downloaded here:

We appologize for the delay when it comes to releasing this years map

Best Regards,
// Berget Crew
Vehicle Check in
All in-game vehicles must check in to be allowed at the game area during game on.  

This year we will mark all vehicles with highly visible identification number and implement a full documentation of the vehicle, driver and main gunner if any. This will make it easier to identify vehicles and/or report misbehaving vehicles.

Vehicle check in will start 0900 Wednesday 26th June.

All vehicles will be photographed. The identification will be a color-coded two-digit sign, Red for General Fuentes Militia, Blue for Government Forces and White for Civilians. The sign will be easy to apply and remove.

The Driver are responsible for the vehicles general behavior and must provide driver’s license. The Gunner are liable for the mounted gun or turret and must provide identification.

Best regards // Berget crew
BAVS rental list
Here is the list of the randomly selected players that have confimred bookings for AT4, TOW or 40 mm granades. You will pick up and pay the equipement at the Berget Shop on-site once it opens (cash or credit card), show ticket-id to collect your goods. There are more BAVS weapons available. If you are not on the list, there is still a chance to rent some weapons on site in the Berget Shop and from those who are not picked up in time by other players.

Weapons that have not been picked up by 12:00 will be available to be rented to anyone based on first come first serve at 12:05 on the wednesday, June 26th.

The list

Note! There are more unbooked TOW units available for preebooking by mail. 

// Berget Crew

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