Welcome to Berget 15
With only three days until BERGET 15 there are a few things we would like to remind you of.

It has been raining in Sollefteå for the past few days, wich makes the forest wet. Remember that your skin is waterproof, but for your own comfort, make sure you bring plenty of extra socks and clothes you can change into when you become wet.

There will be cheap dry firewood for sale in all bases Kiosks, it is ok to make camp fires at designated places.

Remember to withdraw cash before the event. We recommend you to do this on your way here since there are a lot of people coming and the cash in the Sollefteå ATMs are limited.

The Berget Airsoft Shop opens at Tuesday 9 AM GMT+1, make sure to bring your cash for this and the base Kiosks, we accept EURO and SEK. 

The prognosis for this weeks weather is great, according to the weather sites there will be no rain after Tuesday and it will be fairly warm, between 13 and 21 degrees Celsius.
The Swedish forests with the rain is a perfect environment for mosquitoes, we recommend you buy some mosquito repellent. This can be bought in almost every store in Sollefteå and also in the SafeZone upon your arrival.


This means you can not check in or bring your things to the area before this. You are however welcome to visit and ask questions if needed.

If you arrive to Sollefteå before Tuesday you must find other accommodations.
The bases are not available until Tuesday morning after you have checked in (Higher commanders are an exception to this to be able to organize the bases.

You are allowed to drive (follow map and signs on site) to your base only to leave your gear. All offgame cars shall be parked in main safezone.

Pre game scouting is forbidden. Our security team will make rounds to control this and violations will get consequences.
Berget 15 Game-area map
The official map of the gamearea with capturepoints and objects are released on your team forums. (Check under contact, forum).

To gain access to the forums your Squad leader (group leader) contacts us with his and friends ticket-id´s. Their tickets will then be locked for changes and are not able to change teams (From NAF to UPIR for example). We will send the password for the forum after the list is received. Only paid tickets can apply access to the forum.

Please email with TOPIC "FORUM PASSWORD"
Updated rules regarding Ghilliesuits.
Ghilliesuits may only be worn by those who are snipers and their dedicated spotters in teams with rules saying they are allowed to wear a guilliesuit. 

Nobody else are allowed to wear Ghillie suit.

 What counts as ghillie?
  • Full or partly Ghillie suit
  • Full or partly 3D leaf-suit
  • Full or partly Leshy suit
  • Sniper/Viper hood
  • Ghillie hat 
  • Sniper veil/Scrim netting (used other than scarf to protect your face from BB:s)
  • Ghillie/camo poncho
  • Concealment vest

 In other words, only teams with snipers and their spotters are allowed wear ghillie (or other material)s that cover the body or parts of the body and wear their armband on their leg.

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