While we are collecting feedback and evaluating this years game, we want to thank ALL players and Staff, aswell of the town of Sollefteå for Berget 17!

We encourage you all to head over to our forums to give us YOUR feedback! It is very important for us so that we know what to improve for next game. 
The Homepage and forums will soon be brought down to change the host and fix all the issues related to it - So please take your time to write your thoughts about this years game.

We want to appologize to those of you who never recieved the maps you paid for, and we are going to make sure that this doesnt happen again.  If you didnt recieve something you paid for, please contact us at , and they will help you with a refund.

Berget Events will now take a vacation, but will soon start working on next years story.

The next events to look out for in regards to Berget 18 is:

- New Homepage with new story and teams , October 2019
- Commander application and Selection , End of 2019

Thank you once again, and hope you all had a great game!

Best Regards,

// Berget Events

Welcome to Berget 17!

The time has finally come, we are only days away from launching Berget 17!

We want to welcome everyone to the town of Sollefteå, Sweden.

Please keep the following in mind:
  • Check-in opens 09:00, Tuesday!¬† Please do not come to game area before that, we have alot of stuff we are working on, and we will not be able to let you into safezone or game area before tuesday
  • Bring Valid Photo ID along with your ticket ID to Safezone
  • As per Player agreement, we require to take a photo of you at checkin. We will also photo and ID any ingame vehicles
  • No Pregame Scouting! You are only allowed to travel to and from your base on marked road before the game
  • Weather forecast looks amazing, but there will still be a little train. Your Skin is waterproof, but have change of clothes ready - Stay warm, and stay hydrated! Drink alot of water any chance you have

We are all looking forward seeing you at the game, and i hope you all have a fantastic time this week

Best Regards

// Berget Events
Berget Map
This years long awaited ingame map is now ready!

It can be downloaded here:

We appologize for the delay when it comes to releasing this years map

Best Regards,
// Berget Crew

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