Berget 17, ‘Operation White Lizard’ takes place in the fictional country of Lirantina, ruled by General Fuentes who came to power by overthrowing the government in a military coup. General Fuentes road to power is paved by the manufacturing and global distribution of a new drug that’s called White Lizard on the street.  The wealth he earned, along with the legacy of his name and the legacy of his closest confidants has been used to raise an army and also to buy support from officials and even local villages. Lirantina was struck in poverty mostly due to heavy corruption and a free market that enabled foreign countries to plunder the land from natural resources and use cheap unregulated and underpaid labor. The country is ruled with a firm hand under General Fuentes dictatorship and with the aid of a paramilitary group called Cobras to uphold order and loyalty to the General. Cobras contains elite soldiers from different armies who has put their guns out for hire, they are the best of the best.

Fuentes is a charismatic leader who has gone to great lengths to capture the heart of the people. He does, however keep a firm hand on the population and does not think twice about crushing political opponents or local agitators.

It is worth mentioning more about the drug White Lizard. It is made by processing the lethal alkaloid Baralonium. During history the alkaloid has been used by natives as a weapon but during the 1980s it was also used in a series of experiments conducted by British military in an attempt to construct a drug that would allow the human body to regenerate severed or damaged body parts. The experiment was cancelled due to lack of success and unforeseen complications. The effects of the drug were promising, but unstable. It caused not only a random extreme cell mutation that in some studies led to cancer but also an unexplainable high dopamine production in the test subjects.

While Lirantina is somewhat thriving, it has huge problems with ruthless drug gangs who have been processing and transporting drugs for many years, while fighting a violent war with the local Police. It's neighboring country to the north, called 'Northern States Alliance(NSA)' and the rest of the world has felt the devastating effects of White Lizard outcompeting any other drugs in neighboring countries causing their leaders to demand action to be taken against General Fuentes. When all diplomatic options were exhausted, NSA decided to take military action and formed 'Task Force Charlie (TFC)', a military unit consisting of specialist and elite units.

While General Fuentes waited for an open conflict and a fight for power, TFC has focused on disrupting drug traffic and manufacture trying to weaken the Generals ability to support a large army. They are also intent on bringing the General in front of an international court and seek evidence to be used against him. In their operation, TFC has conducted numerous drone attacks - some successful, some hitting civilian targets by mistake and some has been shot down by the Generals newly acquired shoulder mounted anti-aircraft launchers.
Recent Events
White Lizard is being manufactured in a small region in the northern part of the country. The General has an army on site to protect the manufacturing and shipping of the drug while TFC has managed to set up base and are performing operations to destroy drug sites and disrupt shipping.

TFC managed to destroy a large convoy shipping the vital ingredient Baralonium. Unprocessed Baralonium is an airborne lethal alkaloid that kills within minutes. The attack rendered a large area of the region inaccessible and deadly to enter without special biohazard suits. Before the strike against the convoy TFC had received a tip from British intelligence that their stolen Baralonium was located in the region. The amount of alkaloid carried in the convoy is enough for more the one year of drug production and the reason for the British interest is that the alkaloid was stolen from their military labs. The convoy was heavily guarded and overseen by Fuentes left hand Colonel Amedeo Rodriguez but TFC managed to carry out one drone strike that not only destroyed the convoy but also killed Colonel Rodriguez. What wasn’t known at the time of the attack was that the colonel was present in the convoy. According to recent intel, Colonel Rodriguez always carry items on his person containing invaluable information for both General Fuentes as well as Government forces. Fuentes Militia has now deployed SAM sites around the area to protect the remains of the convoy, preventing further drone strikes while they try to find a way to enter the zone and retrieve the shipment.

While General Fuentes has the land and the people in his grasp, the local Civilians are stuck in the middle of an ongoing drug war. Local gangs as well as General Fuentes mercenary group known as “ The Scorpions “ fight to keep drug manufacturing and processing going whilst trying to keep under the radar from the increasingly active Police force.

The area is now almost in a state of chaos when both sides rush to find a way to enter the quarantine zone and retrieve their vital items at the same time that General Fuentes steps up the Drug production in the area.

While some consider chaos to be hell, others thrive...