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by slidnert
29 Jul 2012, 23:40
Forum: Berget 10
Topic: Berget rules
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I can say that I saw several players drinking alcohol in-game, both in base and in the field. In my opinion it´s a BIG lack of respect to us, fellow airsofters.
by slidnert
20 Apr 2012, 19:28
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: Question regarding Medics
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Question 1: I don´t know the answer.

Question 2: I was medic on B8 with a OD armband with a white circle and a red corss and a big red corss i the middle of the circle. I saw other medics with the same armband on B8 and B9.
by slidnert
05 Jul 2011, 13:26
Forum: Berget 9
Topic: The BAVS Bunkers (Suply points)
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+1 to in-game bases. It´s a better feeling.
by slidnert
20 Jun 2010, 22:10
Forum: Berget 8
Topic: Your best Berget 8 moment!
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For me it was the assult on NAF Ranger Base. It was really fun and exciting. The base were heay fortify and hard too breach and 2 machineguns firing at me and my team, for some reason they stop firing at us and we were able top move to the bunkers wall. Then the artillery hit us.