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by K.A.M.P.H.U.N.D.
20 Jun 2010, 11:20
Forum: Berget 8
Topic: Your best Berget 8 moment!
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When the Poldavian General walked through our base in the middle of the first NAF attack, shouting in his bullhorn "Leave our camp, you are NOT welcome here".
A high level moral booster :)
by K.A.M.P.H.U.N.D.
20 Jun 2010, 11:10
Forum: Berget 8
Topic: THE BIG Thanks to thread!
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Hail to the Swedish foxes!
Lets talk more bajsporr soon ;)

And a big thanks to the Irish guys including hangarounds for a great time, many laughs and good hunting.
by K.A.M.P.H.U.N.D.
20 Jun 2010, 10:59
Forum: Berget 8
Topic: How did you manage the mosquitoes?
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As long as they respected my personal integrity, we had no problem what so ever with each other.
It was a mutual agreement and a win/win situation ;)
(Along with some bug spray and face nets)