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by Gusten
01 Jun 2016, 23:30
Forum: UPIR Barracks
Topic: BAVS equipment
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Re: BAVS equipment

Thor Company
1x 40mm

Pay on site.
by Gusten
02 Feb 2014, 11:31
Forum: Airsoft Vehicles
Topic: Smoke grenade on vehicles.
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Re: Smoke grenade on vehicles.

Awsome geno! announce it to thor ;)
by Gusten
07 Jun 2010, 21:28
Forum: Airsoft guns & equipment
Topic: Magasine?
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Yes you can =)

If you read in the rules you find that you can bring 130 bb´s magazine and only put 90 bb´s in them , But you need to get blue tape and write "RAL" on them =)