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by Pierrem
24 Jun 2010, 21:51
Forum: Berget 8
Topic: What did you think about the new gamearea?
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Area wasn't bad. But you could find better places for the bases. Maybe place them East vs West instead of north vs south. And don't set up a remote outpost so close of a hostile base when you just need to close one point to prevent friendly to help it... Another problem was the central area. It was ...
by Pierrem
23 Jun 2010, 23:20
Forum: Berget 8
Topic: THE BIG Thanks to thread!
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Thank you everyone for showing up to berget 8. It was my first time and was pretty awesome! I will come back next year! Special thanks to everyone in 23rd NAF, we had good times defending our base and attacking the others. I would also like to thanks the Bulgarians in the 3rd ranger who offered us w...
by Pierrem
23 Jun 2010, 17:12
Forum: Berget 8
Topic: LARP awards
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Weren't they from kazakhstan?

They tried to have "sexy time" with 23rd members, but high command never wanted to... :D
by Pierrem
21 Jun 2010, 19:00
Forum: Berget 8
Topic: How did the camo restriction work?
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Desert camo was really bad in this kind of area. Especially the "night" where our camo were flashing like Christmas trees in the middle of the forest. This should be changed for next year.

Maybe we can do a top desert, bottom wood for one team and top wood, and bottom desert for the other team.
by Pierrem
24 Feb 2010, 13:43
Forum: General discussion
Topic: AIRSOFT - Legally SPORT
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It was a national effort.
Can you tell a bit more about that?
How did you make it? How long it took? You contacted directly the national administration or you had some contacts in it?
It's very interesting and encouraging to see people that made it possible!