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by Rubber Duckie
04 Jul 2012, 18:47
Forum: Berget 10
Topic: Lost and Found
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I think I forgot 2 gloves, black with kevlar knuckles with the thumb and first finger removed, in or about the naf C&C. Thats all I couldnt find when i got home
by Rubber Duckie
03 Jul 2012, 01:34
Forum: Berget 10
Topic: 1 queastion to NAF commanders
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the old rules stated that taking out a non armoured car 1 or 2 shots to the drivers winscreen would take out the driver but not the crew but as far as i was aware that ended with the attachment of bavs units to all cars
by Rubber Duckie
03 Jul 2012, 01:30
Forum: Berget 10
Topic: Nominations for honorable and otherwise cool oponents :)
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Vinni we did nothing special. Airsoft is a game and they are no enemies, What we did was to help brother airsofters in need and I would like to think every other person at berget would have behaved exactaly the same.
by Rubber Duckie
02 Jul 2012, 17:11
Forum: Berget 10
Topic: Unknown Pol nominated for the Grand Asshole of Berget award
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I would like to nominate the poldovian SF sniper prisioner that decided to do a runner from the naf base (while supposed to be handcuffed and shackeled) ignoring about 15 people shooting him on full auto, me yelling at him and chaising him. He dived into the bushes and hid only giving himself up whe...
by Rubber Duckie
02 Jul 2012, 16:51
Forum: Berget 10
Topic: No10 concluded
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From reading the posts here and talking with players from all the factions i think Berget crew have a lot to answer for. I had to fight for 20 mins to get a group of poldovian troops transported to there base from the naf base for health and safty issues by an ingame military vechicle . On sunday wh...
by Rubber Duckie
02 Jul 2012, 16:06
Forum: Berget 10
Topic: Civie review
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hello i think i was the scary irish officer you were talking to :oops: sorry :wink: . As for the total lack of support, story, assistance and well to be honest lack of everything as far as i could see that berget provided the civilian faction was a discrace. I did my best to roleplay with the civili...
by Rubber Duckie
18 Mar 2010, 13:24
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: Food / MRE
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Last year i made up several bags of "trail mix" containing several types of nuts,cerials, dried fruits and broken up choclate bars. It provides you with most of what you need for a quick fix and easy to keep in a pouch close to hand.
by Rubber Duckie
02 Dec 2009, 23:36
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: The MRE stomach
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For the people that have funny tummys or are just picky in what they eat look up the ration builder section
by Rubber Duckie
07 Nov 2009, 22:26
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: Know your water-level
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I dont see the problem with drinking too much water last year I watched several of my Irish team m8s suffering from heat stroke and dehydration. All it means is taking a leak behind a bush and hopeing to god that no one shoots u in the .........:)
by Rubber Duckie
07 Nov 2009, 22:13
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: Taking 10.000 hits...
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Used a red hi-vis vest last year and never once got shot when dead. It fitted nicely in the bottom of my dump pouch taking up almost no room so im going to do the same again this is a link for thoes thaat are to stylish to have a death "rag"