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by Wulf
18 Jul 2012, 00:49
Forum: Berget 10
Topic: Unknown Pol nominated for the Grand Asshole of Berget award
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The best solution would be to increase the amount of on-field chronoing a lot, or even require a mandatory chronoing before you're able to leave / return to base. The latter option would be a pineapple-sized pain in the ass, but would no doubt be effective... Are you serious? You want to turn airso...
by Wulf
17 Jul 2012, 19:13
Forum: Berget 10
Topic: Berget rules
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Let me share, my personal experience. On Berget 8, on the second day around 03.00 am I was shot with BB 0.44 in the face. Due to this, I lost two of my teeth, the nerve was exposed, imagine what a pain. The guy how shot me used 120 m/s spring , based on BE rules... Shooting in the face should be av...
by Wulf
17 Jul 2012, 19:06
Forum: Berget 10
Topic: No10 concluded
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Thanks for the game on my behalf also. As a former game master I know very well how big job it is to create a game this huge. However things can always be done better so the feedback is important. As a Finn I'm used to say things straight despite that someone might take them offencive so please don'...