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by Jocke
04 Jun 2019, 07:58
Forum: Berget 17 - 2019
Topic: Deleted Posts
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Re: Deleted Posts

Don't ask the same question again and again after an answer has been posted. Posts that tend to be repetive, or spam, gets deleted in every forum i know. My own opinion on this issue. The faction base location could be told on the team forums, that way a lot of questioning is gone on the planning si...
by Jocke
01 Apr 2019, 10:58
Forum: Berget 17 - 2019
Topic: IMPORTANT: Changes to Chrono and Weapon classes
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Re: IMPORTANT: Changes to Chrono and Weapon classes

As the para is quite common weapon among players, would it be possible to send these revised rules to all players via email? This way there might not be so many incident in the chrono tent where players arrive with hot guns. There has to be some who have not noticed these changes, being not active o...
by Jocke
06 Dec 2013, 16:27
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: @ medics: Bandages.
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Re: @ medics: Bandages.

that's a good one. I have previously used surplus bandages from our army or sh*it like those, that stuff might be worth a try!
by Jocke
04 Nov 2011, 12:38
Forum: Airsoft Vehicles
Topic: UK Snatch Land Rover Convoy
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Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! I can't wait the moment when I see you trough my sights :P