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by Freak[Shepherds]
12 Jul 2011, 16:52
Forum: Berget media
Topic: Berget 9 - Pics & Movies
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Here is the VSA story. In swedish, so.. to bad for.. everyone else. Disclaimer: this video is not for all you guys who just looking for hardcore action and BB-shooting and those fail-execusions... as I said, this is our story. Great movie guys, shame i didnt understand a w...
by Freak[Shepherds]
06 Jul 2011, 10:07
Forum: Berget 9
Topic: When you understood that Firm and Zansians were same group?
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Any NAF players here who remember taking 11 "civilian miners" as prisoners behind the NAF base at wednesday night? Our orders were to take away all battle gear and guns and dress up as civilians, come up with a cover story (= Miners) and act like ones. Then find NAF base and gather intel about it. ...