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by RDG2
17 May 2012, 13:13
Forum: Airsoft guns & equipment
Topic: Correctional Glasses + Protection
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I had a lot of trouble with inserts because of foging, dust etc. you have one more layer that you need to look through. air between insert and protection glass is not enough ventilated. so foging can occure much more. I also tried to figure out how to work on longer OPs, so I went for ACUVUE OASYS. ...
by RDG2
01 Feb 2012, 10:01
Forum: General discussion
Topic: Want to make an air combat unit for NAF
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:o ooohhh, great. if you could actualy fly this during the event, that would be perfect. at least as a reconnaissence aircraft. but if you will be able to mount an AEG on it and actualy hit something with it, it would be awesome. I would like to be fired at. Would feel like in real battle. :-D