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by Iprenen
27 Nov 2019, 09:02
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So once again we have the camo as a means of balancing teams? Because forcing people to buy gear that is supposed to last 66h in the field isn't the way to go.

What provider of gear do BE even use and to what price? This is info that is a must to have for players BEFORE they admit to SF.
by Iprenen
31 Oct 2019, 10:18
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Topic: Feedback - General
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Re: Feedback - General

[quote=Arradin post_id=78574 time=1563448951 user_id=12034] [quote=GIS post_id=78573 time=1563447420 user_id=14284] Blowinf up the Helipad have no effect at all? We undersod it like if the helipad gets blown the military fraction will be effected. only thing that happend? Military fractions just whe...
by Iprenen
27 Aug 2018, 06:23
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Topic: HPA and the future
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Re: HPA and the future

[quote=Majk post_id=77393 time=1530962920 user_id=851] Joule creep is the biggest problem. My P* M27 is 301fps @0.20 and 348 fps(equvalent) with 0.30's. Majk, his readings are probably not off. I've seen similar ones before. It depends on a lot of factors, like barrel length, air pressure, hop-up se...