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by Jompa
18 Feb 2015, 22:13
Forum: Game rules translation
Topic: Suggestion box:
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Re: Suggestion box:

My suggestion is to put Ranger green uniforms back where they belong! Ravenside!
by Jompa
12 Jan 2015, 11:22
Forum: Airsoft guns & equipment
Topic: Show your berget boomstick!!
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Re: Show your berget boomstick!! VFC HK416N (Norwegian army version) *=replica HK416N rail HK416N iron sights HK416N buttstock HK416N vertical grip Visionking short dot (this is sold tho' waiting for a aimpoint comp m4* and a aimpoint 3x*) VFC Peq15* (Waiting on a G&P AN/PEQ2A) VTAC MKII padded sling
by Jompa
02 Jul 2013, 18:55
Forum: Berget 11
Topic: Mosquitoes & Knott
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Re: Mosquitoes & Knott

Used "DjungelOlje" that I baught in safezone, i have "only" 66 bites...
by Jompa
02 Jul 2013, 12:21
Forum: Berget 11
Topic: The drunk sea captain
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Re: The drunk sea captain

Ingame: He must be annoying as fu** :P

Offgame: I almost crapped my pants from laughter when he came on his bike towards Southern Border Crossing :lol:
by Jompa
19 May 2013, 12:46
Forum: General discussion
Topic: Gun accessories, what would you buy?
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Re: Gun accessories, what would you buy?

If you can afford it: Number 1

If you dont have that much money: 3
by Jompa
06 Jan 2013, 21:05
Forum: The Marketplace
Topic: B: Tactical Assault Gear Banshee RG PC or another PC in RG
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B: Tactical Assault Gear Banshee RG PC or another PC in RG

Anybody out there that has a TAG Banshee Plate Carrier in Ranger Green? Or another PC in Ranger Green. Size Large or XL