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by ViskiNalle
13 Jul 2017, 17:45
Forum: Berget 15
Topic: General Feedback
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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Thank you for the game it was different this year. Slept 4-5 hours per night just because needed to be in the HQ during the whole game. The feedback is the end of the post. The story: I was playing as the CIMIC officer in NAF because before the game because we planned that there would be civilians l...
by ViskiNalle
08 Jul 2014, 08:40
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: The safe zone gear shop
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Re: The safe zone gear shop

Last year the Fins (cant remember the shopname) saved my berget by selling good sleeping bag for a fair price. I know a lot of people that would have wanted this this year also as it was pretty cold and they brought a sleeping bag that did not cut it. So bring back the old shop "setup" or offer mor...
by ViskiNalle
07 Jul 2014, 18:17
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: Lost and Found
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Re: Lost and Found

FOUND: Aluminium suitcase size smaller with "acid"(?) bottles. If no one claims it, it will reappear during next game! It contains samples of Rico vodka. It shouldn't kill any braincells. :D it can reappear in the next game, it has been in 2 berget games and guy who owned it said it's okay if some ...
by ViskiNalle
03 Jul 2014, 05:56
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: Living in Dolina Village :) PROs and CONs
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Re: Living in Dolina Village :) PROs and CONs

I said last year that Dolina felt like an refugee camp but this year it probably fired it self to life and felt more like a village. I still like bashir city more because it actually is a village/city. Dont remember about B8 area so much because I spent most of my time in the base guarding it.
by ViskiNalle
03 Jul 2014, 05:53
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: Freno Fisherman
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Re: Freno Fisherman

Its going to be a tradition trying poison you Freno, but with love and alcohol.

Thanks for a great game!
by ViskiNalle
02 Jul 2014, 18:09
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: Khorne Consulting Story
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Khorne Consulting Story

Hello It is better to write the story here because I think its going to be a long one. I'll put the pros/cons last, so if your not interested scroll down. It started last year few months after the last berget, my friend asked me to join their team because they got something really special coming. La...
by ViskiNalle
02 Jul 2014, 09:19
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: How many civilians was it this year?
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Re: How many civilians was it this year?

I had heard that there would be 3 actual civillians before the game. This was actually good because it made me to beware what im saying when the game started. I thought you Freno was also the great undercover master for some faction :). It was fun when we drank some Minttu and blueberry koskenkorva ...
by ViskiNalle
22 Jul 2013, 16:06
Forum: Berget 11
Topic: Iron walls and the Village.
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Re: Iron walls and the Village.

Iron Walls: Was perhaps in too big role in the civillian camp, well the Iron walls was the civillian camp. I would not even call it a village because there was only 3 structures, 2 UA17 buildings and one Blood Ravens building Iron Walls, that ruled the whole area. Half of people in the camp were wo...
by ViskiNalle
22 Jul 2013, 15:17
Forum: Berget 11
Topic: Game area?
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Re: Game area?

As being a civillian and at the same time UA17 I think the area was ok, but the usage of it was really poor. Berget is nowadays more and more vehicle based game and there being only one road that leads to the game area, that is drivable gives problems. As I saw the game as civillian, GCT pushed to t...
by ViskiNalle
10 Jul 2013, 02:35
Forum: Berget media
Topic: Berget 11 pictures from UA17 cell
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Re: Berget 11 pictures from UA17 cell

That exorcism was epic! Big thanks for your awesome camping site were I spended most of the game.

Hope some one has video footage of the exorcism.