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by Bananeman
02 Jul 2014, 16:38
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: Feedback over all
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Re: Feedback over all

The strangest reply's you do read here... Berget Events can only create a game for a large amount of players. Write game scripts and so on.. But what players and their command do with this, it's only up to these players. For me, a player from Blood Raven, I can only say: cudo's for the HQ of Raven.....
by Bananeman
02 Jul 2013, 18:24
Forum: Berget 11
Topic: Gameplay & Cheating?
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Re: Gameplay & Cheating?

For me a grand applause for the honest GTC-players.. I was with Blood Ravens, but didn't see anybody cheating. Not one single person.. Many thanks for your honest fair play. For me was this the first Berget- experience. This was really a revelation, because I expected worse with so many players.. So...
by Bananeman
01 Jul 2013, 19:06
Forum: Berget 11
Topic: Thanks from Fleischer company - Foxtrot platoon
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Re: Thanks from Fleischer company - Foxtrot platoon

Because we only were about 25 Danes (and a very small bunch of Dutch special forces who had missions to blow up fuel-depots and such. and 25-30 guys against a whole GCT base was not going to last long, no matter how tired the enemy was. We are not Dutch, we're Belgian, but Flemish speaking similar ...