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by ferdie
02 Jul 2019, 18:24
Forum: Berget 17
Topic: Feedback - BAVS
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Re: Feedback - BAVS

as a driver i would like to have some sort of notification on low battery or sensor error, and a green led for system on.
you almost need a flashligt to se the display in a dark car during daytime.
by ferdie
02 Jul 2018, 16:01
Forum: Berget 16
Topic: Feedback: New Kiosks
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Re: Feedback: New Kiosks

UPIR kiosk Berget event should provide lighting in kiosk tents. And help with securing steady power, how to use. 4 powerbox outlets/fuses and everything connected to 1or 2 of them Due to fireban it was nice to get free hot water. Berget should provide a sink/water for the kiosk kitchen. ran out off ...