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by Scavenger
30 Jun 2015, 00:05
Forum: Berget 13
Topic: What was your best Berget moment?
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Re: What was your best Berget moment?

My second Berget and this one cannot be compaired to the last year's. Had a lot of fun in base and in long walks but the town defence on Saturday was my best moment. Me with my sniper rifle, one guy with m249 beside me and the Church Tower :D felt like Jackson in the movie "Saving Private Ryan" .......
by Scavenger
07 Jul 2014, 09:19
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: Berget 12 as seen by
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Re: Berget 12 as seen by

As I read what Rhythm wrote, I fully understand why we did not have any chance against Raven's. As a PMC infantry player, I totally lost my respect and belief to our HQ on thursday morning. In my point of view we were left out (infantry) and only mech units get all the missions. Also, when we have a...