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by Haxxxor
19 Jun 2019, 19:36
Forum: Berget 17 - 2019
Topic: Are you lacking a ride from Central Sweden? Look here.
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Are you lacking a ride from Central Sweden? Look here.

Heya. We are a small crew this year, normally being 6-10 but this year only 3 and bringing two vehicles up. So if you are in Central Sweden and need a ride do poke me and we will see what we can do for you!
by Haxxxor
30 Jun 2018, 21:03
Forum: Berget 16
Topic: Feedback: the Tanks!
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Re: Feedback: the Tanks!

Absolutely fantastic. seeing the reds prep for an attack on our position and being in contact with HQ about it only to hear "We are sending you the tanks" and then 5 minutes after these beasts came rolling down the hill. only a few hours into the game and our first battle for the game shortly after....
by Haxxxor
26 May 2015, 13:50
Forum: Radio Communications
Topic: Highly recomended radio!
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Highly recomended radio!

I just wrote this in my teams forum but thought others might want to take part of this information aswell. Last year i used an I can say nothing but good things about it. I could communicate from the GCT camp to the civilian city (all the way past that...
by Haxxxor
19 Jun 2014, 21:18
Forum: The Marketplace
Topic: Li-Po Warner.
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Li-Po Warner.

Hello. we just noticed we are short on lipo warners in our team. Seeing that its a national holiday tomorrow in sweden (Midsummers) And we are going up towards berget and sleeping close by from sunday untill the event start we are most likely not going to be able to aquire them head of going there.....