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by Equilibrium
03 Nov 2018, 14:18
Forum: Berget 17 - 2019
Topic: Wishlist, Suggestions and ideas for Berget 17
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Re: Wishlist, Suggestions and ideas for Berget 17

FINDING YOU TENT :shock: At B16 the tents was marked with names, so people could see if they were located there, and must say that was a super idea. To buildup this idea you should make a tent map so people would know where to go. At B16 you would have to look at every tentsign to locate your spot....
by Equilibrium
19 Jun 2016, 10:55
Forum: General discussion
Topic: How do you get to BERGET?
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Re: How do you get to BERGET?

I go there by car! It takes less than 2 hours to drive there since I live only 170km from the gamesite haha. It cost me like €35 to get there and back XD
by Equilibrium
24 Mar 2015, 08:58
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: Bio pellets & optionals
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Re: Bio pellets & optionals

Thought I'd borrow this thread. I'm bringing my sniper this year, in which I use .40 bbs, however it seems almost impossible to find any bio bbs in that weight class. I'm wondering, may snipers use plastic bbs for bolt rifles, or will I have to keep looking, and possibly lose some accuracy and get ...