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by luffarvante
25 Mar 2019, 22:57
Forum: General discussion
Topic: good plate carrier
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Re: good plate carrier

6b45! And then start building the rest of your russian kit.. :wink:
by luffarvante
10 Mar 2019, 21:42
Forum: Berget 17 - 2019
Topic: General Questions
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Re: General Questions

Is the Suggestion box under rule translations still in use?

I posted a question / suggestion over there but then realized the last post there was from 2015, i know airsoft players are used to seeing dead men walking but that kind of necro might be a bit overkill :D
by luffarvante
09 Mar 2019, 12:51
Forum: Game rules translation
Topic: Suggestion box:
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Re: Suggestion box:

I hope this is the correct place to post this, otherwise please help me move it to the correct board / topic. If i understand the rules correctly, the RPK is considered a support weapon for all intents and purposes. According to the rules (and the special exception for RPK's) it is allowed to use dr...