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by SwedeX
25 Aug 2009, 13:00
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: Sleepingbag
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No, i would recommend only bringing one cannot se the point of having two. Just unzip the bag if its to hot !?
by SwedeX
01 Oct 2008, 18:19
Forum: Operation Crossroads III
Topic: Thanks for all the fun
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Thanks to all attending!

Big hug to everyone in Jazz! awesome job! 8)
by SwedeX
30 Jun 2008, 20:41
Forum: Berget 6
Topic: Game off time during nights!
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Some days you could have had more hours off-game, and perhaps some things happening in safe-zone during that, and some days perhaps put of-game during the day when the temperature is pretty hot sometimes. Overall i think it worked our well...
by SwedeX
26 Oct 2007, 10:23
Forum: General discussion
Topic: Airsoft Facebook
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My soul's already sold to Zilch :P , so I'll let them fight about it and join...
by SwedeX
19 Sep 2007, 11:07
Forum: Operation Crossroads II
Topic: Teams?
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Deltas hellcats är 11st om jag inte missat nån

Plastic Dragoons kommer vara en 5-7st oxå. med minst pmr. Men det var jue en väldans massa anmälda i gsf...
by SwedeX
13 Sep 2007, 13:17
Forum: Operation Crossroads II
Topic: Medic rule
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Medic rule

A medic may apply a field dressing to himself , but then loses the ability to heal others for 60 minutes. A medic may carry no more than ten field dressings, but may resupply at the HQ. Make sure you have enough dressings to resupply! The dressings should be white, and may easily be made from an ol...
by SwedeX
25 Aug 2007, 12:03
Forum: Operation Crossroads II
Topic: CO
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How did this go then? :roll:
by SwedeX
25 Aug 2007, 12:02
Forum: Operation Crossroads II
Topic: What camouflage is allowed?
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Meat> I cant argue with that, and after thinkning twice, since one team will play "guerilla" (mixed/civilian) and the other "russian" i dont se a problem to having m90 in a "nato" team, since its a full uniform, not like the guerilla and sweden is more or less a nato country, (not officiall, but.......
by SwedeX
23 Aug 2007, 17:17
Forum: Berget media
Topic: Any pictures from the Swedish side of Berget 5?
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here's some pictures jeep_tom took, posted in another thread on this forum somewhere: ... erget%205/
by SwedeX
22 Aug 2007, 15:08
Forum: Operation Crossroads II
Topic: What camouflage is allowed?
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Why have uniform restrictions at all if your'e not going to follow them?
A uniform isn't that expensive and hard to get anyways..

just my point of view!
by SwedeX
25 Jun 2007, 10:45
Forum: Berget 5
Topic: Utv?rdering [Swe Bat]
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:arrow: Det kändes ofta som om framför allt Qubec-kompaniet inte riktigt ville beblanda sig med oss "grunts" i Bas.Säk... Åtminstone till en början. Det blev efterhand bättre, men tyvärr hann det aldrig bli så gemytligt som jag kanske skulle velat. Det var "meningen" att vi i DQ skulle vara lite hy...
by SwedeX
25 Jun 2007, 10:42
Forum: Berget 5
Topic: Utv?rdering [?verstens insats)
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Det var många personliga vakter runt Batch men dåligt med arbetsavlastande befäl såg ingen, förutom Eriksson som var BatUnd ?. Mvh Jojje. Ps. Hoppas som sagt vi kör på nästa berget- event. och då gärna berget 6. Menar du Andersson? (Han är/var reservare och hjälpte daffy rätt fint med upplägg i bör...
by SwedeX
21 Jun 2007, 12:25
Forum: Berget 5
Topic: Thanks for a great event! =)
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Tnx crew for a great event!
by SwedeX
21 Jun 2007, 12:20
Forum: Berget 5
Topic: To S.A.C. boyz
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I dunno if they got a website or not, but if you want to se more crazy stuff with them search for "teamsac" on youtube... =)
by SwedeX
05 Jun 2007, 13:59
Forum: Berget 5
Topic: Information: Bat.Org
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Ni har väl ändå namnet på hela gruppen att gå efter, Alpha Romeo 1 och 2, osv osv ... känns jue dumt å ge ännu fler nummer å hålla reda på för chefer och andra... tror mest det är för att visa att grupperna hör ihop,