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by Soulforge
13 Mar 2014, 19:18
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: The safe zone gear shop
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Re: The safe zone gear shop :)

I think this is a bad idea.
Just my opinion, but part of the reason i go to Berget is to meet the retailers. Especially the guys from Varusteleka whom i don't get to visit so often.

Also the hi-quality gear from D-gear will be missed. I'll just have to make sure i have everything i need before i go.
by Soulforge
07 Nov 2013, 17:52
Forum: The Marketplace
Topic: S: Soulforge is selling weapons.
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S: Soulforge is selling weapons.

This add is in swedish, but i will translate it later to English. I do speak english and you are welcome to email me any questions at All prices are in SEK and negotionable. All prices are excl. shipping and it is up to the buyer to make sure that the delivery company chosen ...
by Soulforge
27 Jun 2010, 23:41
Forum: Berget 8
Topic: Lost and found
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I have lost 2 KSC Glock 17 magazines and 1 Glock 19 magazine. Unfortunatly there was no markings on them. They were almost new but had some wear on the paintjob. Another member of my team also lost 2 MAG AK74 magazines. One Plum and one brownish. Also a chinesemade Aimpoint knockoff. Would be nice t...
by Soulforge
27 Jun 2010, 23:33
Forum: Berget 8
Topic: Berget money
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I have 30130 B$ in my possesion wich i hope to change for new B$ next year. ^^ (Yes that is over 30 thousand. No BS.)
by Soulforge
30 Jun 2009, 02:39
Forum: Berget 7
Topic: Lost and found
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Lost two KSC Glock 17 magazines. Have no idea where unfortunatly. My best ones too... Probably lost somewhere near Bashir or the bunker. Unmarked and only a few battlescars.

Anyone seen them please PM me. :(