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by Anrax
24 Jun 2011, 22:50
Forum: Radio Communications
Topic: Frequences for B9
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They are posted in the officer forums sorry no post in UN HQ forum ;) so we will choose our own Frequencies like Michael suggest ? Thats not an very wise plan since the 144-170Mhz and 400-470Mhz band is regulated by Swedish authority's, you can be interfering whit commercial, military and armature ...
by Anrax
01 Jul 2009, 01:36
Forum: Radio Communications
Topic: any use 27 Mhz?
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any use 27 Mhz?

Just wondering why no one use the lower 27 Mhz band as it can handel the forest terrain better then the 400Mhz band do

sorry for poor spelling :P
by Anrax
01 Jul 2009, 01:30
Forum: Berget 7
Topic: * Feedback - Bashir city *
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I loved bashir! The biggest reason why was propably because we came up with a cool idea to blow up the apple-selling guy (the drug dealer) with C4 instead of just shooting him. Our(SRP) mission was to assassinate him, you see. We pretended to be building wireless communications systems to the town ...
by Anrax
25 Sep 2007, 00:41
Forum: Operation Crossroads II
Topic: * Eftersnack / Feedback *
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det är var mit första riktiga spel. jag haf kul hela tiden så jag är nof fast i det här nu :P

var lite jobbit i början inna mina ben kom upp i varv XD