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by [Red Troop] Oneill
07 Aug 2012, 20:54
Forum: Berget 10
Topic: Civilian BC group Berget 10 experience
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Well, i got a lot of fun with the BC Bank guys and girls :-P

Nice roleplaying up there with you, hope the chocolate and coke´s was god ;-)

Greetz Oneill
by [Red Troop] Oneill
19 Jun 2012, 23:06
Forum: Airsoft Vehicles
Topic: Motocross
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Hi bergetteam,

Is it possible to bring an CPI Supercross mashine with 50ccm and an maximum speed of 60km/h and an paintjob in olive?

Thx for the answer! CPI Supercross
by [Red Troop] Oneill
26 Feb 2012, 17:32
Forum: The Marketplace
Topic: [searching] NAF player ticket for 3rd ranger or other team
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[searching] NAF player ticket for 3rd ranger or other team

Hi there,

im searching a ticket for Naf side. any on wonna selling one?

by [Red Troop] Oneill
03 Aug 2011, 19:09
Forum: Berget 9
Topic: Searching the girl from the Bank
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Searching the girl from the Bank

Hi Guys, i search the blonde girl from the bank security, which made a picture of me and my PickUp in the safezone. Im the guy from germany, i hope you remember ;-) If it is possible, i would like to get the picture^^ And i talked to some Guy from the bank security abput the foreman election zombie ...
by [Red Troop] Oneill
05 Jul 2011, 13:57
Forum: Berget 9
Topic: Good/funny larpIng with/from civ
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The best things: The Malaria infection in the hospital :-) Nive guys there, the nurse, the doc and the other peoples (specially the Russian guy :-P) It was really nice, to be your UN Doctor and giving you something to drink and antibiotica^^ DAMN nice play!!! I´ve never played so much larp in a game...
by [Red Troop] Oneill
24 Jul 2010, 22:18
Forum: Berget 8
Topic: Your best Berget 8 moment!
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The best moment for me was the this one: We drove with the white Psyops Volvo through the game area and attacked one CP in reward drive mode with the car, very funny^^ Than we attacked an other CP with the same strategy and meet a enemy PickUp. Shit Situation, cause he came from our Backway... we dr...