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by Takechi-Hayamoto
08 May 2009, 18:57
Forum: General discussion
Topic: German friends what is happening?
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This is a very good question. I've heart about the plans of our government just a few days ago and thought WTH? But to explain this a little bit: At the beginning the government wanted to set up a (even) more gunlaw, but thanks to our loved gun lobby they have changed there mind. Now they have searc...
by Takechi-Hayamoto
30 Jun 2008, 22:15
Forum: Berget 6
Topic: Bandits/civilians
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Thank you guys for the very nice time I and magsd had. Special thanks to: The Kartoffelkopf-Team; Whiskey and his guys; the diplomat; our neighbours; the UN-guys, which gave us a tend in the night before the game startet and all the comanders and soldiers we met on our Press-Missons and the other mi...
by Takechi-Hayamoto
11 Jan 2008, 22:00
Forum: Airsoft Forums
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Greetings from good old germany.

We gonna see you, and when you recognise us its too late :P