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by olaman
29 Jun 2015, 01:34
Forum: Berget 13
Topic: Debriefing Berget 13.
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Re: Debriefing Berget 13.

Dr. Black?
What was your part in this?
by olaman
02 Jul 2013, 21:14
Forum: Berget 11
Topic: Game area?
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Re: Game area?

The bottlenecks at the minefield made it too hard to enter the gamearea.
by olaman
02 Jul 2013, 20:19
Forum: Berget media
Topic: Berget 11, Iron Walls - Pics
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Berget 11, Iron Walls - Pics

Post/link your pictures here!

These are the photos from my team, HHK.

I hope the link works? ... 050&type=1
by olaman
02 Jul 2013, 20:15
Forum: Berget 11
Topic: Mosquitoes & Knott
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Re: Mosquitoes & Knott

Not a problem for me personally, but I know teammates who got bitten all over.
by olaman
20 Jun 2013, 20:40
Forum: Airsoft Forums
Topic: Hotel-Hotel-Kilo
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Well, since everyvody else is doing it; :wink:

Check out our little band of Brothers, the HHK;
by olaman
19 May 2013, 20:49
Forum: General discussion
Topic: Gun accessories, what would you buy?
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Re: Gun accessories, what would you buy?

1, 3, 2, not 4.
by olaman
01 May 2013, 17:32
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: Take a dump in the forrest.
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Re: Take a dump in the forrest.

  • Find natural hole in the ground.
    Aim as best as you can.
    Do your business.
    Cover with moss and leaves.
    Cover with stoneS.
    Tell no-one.
by olaman
03 Jul 2012, 00:24
Forum: Berget 10
Topic: Unknown zan nominated for the Grand Asshole of Berget award
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What side of the camp did your car end up?
Was this during the suiciderun thursday around 2030?
by olaman
04 Jun 2012, 16:05
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: Smoke grenades
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I had one of them badboys land between my legs while I was sitting on the floor. Someone yelled "throw it back out!", but I didn't, I just scrambled to my feet and got away from the smoke, when suddenly the entire grenade exploded! Lucky I didn't pick it up, and lucky my balls didn't blow off. So if...
by olaman
01 Jun 2012, 13:54
Forum: The Marketplace
Topic: B: USA MREs
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..But will the hotel pay for import taxes?
Probably not..
by olaman
30 May 2012, 14:52
Forum: The Marketplace
Topic: B: USA MREs
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I'm looking for 3-5 boxes as well.
by olaman
29 Dec 2011, 22:57
Forum: General discussion
Topic: Sniper Camoflage under the Ghillisuite
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I think it'd be wrong.
Can't you just spray the shit out of it?
by olaman
29 Dec 2011, 20:18
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: Sleeping in the outdoors
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As long as you're using smething color-appropriate, you should be fine if you want a tent.
If you don't want a tent, you're propably allowed to - if your comfortable sleeping without a tent, that is. Rememver, this is Sweden, and summer ain't warm;)
by olaman
07 Dec 2011, 23:29
Forum: Airsoft guns & equipment
Topic: Sniping
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Backpack and a tyr tactical bandoleer. As well as pockets.
by olaman
23 Oct 2009, 19:33
Forum: Airsoft guns & equipment
Topic: Cheytac M200 sniperrifle
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Expensive, but think of the images you'll get from the photoshoot you'll probably have, and It's all worth it.
Add in the scarefactor when you show up with it for chronographing, and you'll see where you're money went.