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by Ford
23 Jun 2017, 19:41
Forum: Berget 15 - Summer 2017
Topic: The grand CAMO thread!
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Re: The grand CAMO thread!

Xenowolf wrote:Image
could kryptek mandrake be used on NAF side?
if you read the team description you will se that UPIR have Mandrake on their side.

So NO you can't use it on NAF side.
by Ford
16 Mar 2017, 20:45
Forum: Berget 15 - Summer 2017
Topic: Upir HQ Presentation Letter
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Upir HQ Presentation Letter

Fellow Nordmark residents. I humbly wish to make an introduction to you, hence I will be doing my utmost and strive to accomplish our common goals in Nordmark. I am Thomas Näslund, but for the sake of simplicity you may call me by “Ford”. The good company board, has elected me to fulfill the shoes o...
by Ford
27 Feb 2017, 14:01
Forum: Berget 15 - Summer 2017
Topic: Upir Recruitment
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Upir Recruitment

We are now starting to look for ppl who like to serve as “Officers” in the Upir Nordmark Branch. We are searching for anyone who would like some responsibility and are up for the challenge to lead troops on and off the field. Positions are platoon to company chiefs as well as section chiefs over all...
by Ford
17 Feb 2017, 13:12
Forum: Berget media
Topic: Clips from Berget Town-
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Clips from Berget Town-

Some clips from the area around our beloved Berget Town, as well some other places
footage is taken under week end skirmishes:
by Ford
24 Oct 2016, 19:06
Forum: Berget 15 - Summer 2017
Topic: Turning against friendly units
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Re: Turning against friendly units

We had one accident(we had a lot) with "Red on Red" in particular on red side, where basicly alot of high chiefs got shot. I think that all HQ stop working at that moment.
Thats what happens when we argue about Money.(red comand work like orcs, u have to show power :D )
But we laught our asses of.
by Ford
25 Jun 2016, 16:06
Forum: General discussion
Topic: How do you get to BERGET?
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Re: How do you get to BERGET?

From Sollefteå to Härnösand ca 20eurs in fuel cost there and back :D
by Ford
17 Jun 2016, 13:39
Forum: UPIR HQ
Topic: Dr. Black
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Re: Dr. Black

First of all, cut the attitud. With that attidue I wont let you even get close to the hq. Next up. Have yot got you missions from BE-Crew and is it sanction fiorm BE? And if so why havent "we" got that "memo"? And according to our OP-Orders and Malcor Frost we aint even got orders to do some reserch...
by Ford
06 Jun 2016, 22:46
Forum: UPIR Barracks
Topic: Map.....
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Re: Map.....

Its confirmed. Lucky for us there has been some changes in the area to our advantages :D
by Ford
29 Jun 2015, 22:45
Forum: Berget media
Topic: [B13] Video of IKAROS Base attack planning
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Re: [B13] Video of IKAROS Base attack planning

fyi: this was done 5h after the incident...
by Ford
28 Jul 2009, 12:57
Forum: Berget 7
Topic: Feedback: * Strategicpoints *
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so nobody found the secret SP at the goldmine?