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by Stena
13 Jan 2010, 14:04
Forum: Airsoft guns & equipment
Topic: Retailer Help !!
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I think Berget is to much of a big event for persons that don't even have their own airsoft replicas.
You will be needing a lot of pre-experience for this kind of event. IMO.
by Stena
03 Jan 2010, 00:05
Forum: Berget media
Topic: Berget7 video by Deki - HD720p
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The BEST Berget movie I saw, and I've seen them all :D
by Stena
21 Dec 2009, 00:12
Forum: General discussion
Topic: MERRY X-MAS & Happy new year
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Re: x4

waffelke wrote:
sniperboy wrote:
mette wrote:X2 8)
x3 :D

And I wish you all the Systema's under the X-mas tree :D
by Stena
17 Dec 2009, 21:43
Forum: Airsoft guns & equipment
Topic: Where To Buy Airsoft Guns
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RedWolf has THE most expensive shipping prices. They are reliable but man do they charge for the shipping.

UNcompany and WGCshop are No.1 in my book. After them EhobbyAsia (although they could lover the shipping price)
by Stena
08 Dec 2009, 12:13
Forum: Radio Communications
Topic: Example of sutable Radios
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Is Motorola T7 suitable for Berget? ... ation.html

Thank you.
by Stena
30 Nov 2009, 19:53
Forum: Airsoft guns & equipment
Topic: M4- Ics, King Arms or G&P...what is better?
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You've ended up with Systema, nice! Congrats.
by Stena
29 Nov 2009, 22:58
Forum: General discussion
Topic: FIFA WM 2010
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by Stena
13 Nov 2009, 19:03
Forum: Airsoft Vehicles
Topic: Airplane at Berget 8
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Re: Airplane at Berget 8

Sierra1 wrote:Hi, I can participate with an airplane at Berget 8.

Anybody interested?
Military or civilian version? Post a pic ;)
by Stena
07 Nov 2009, 22:16
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: Taking 10.000 hits...
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LOL! But great idea.
by Stena
07 Nov 2009, 21:07
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: Taking 10.000 hits...
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jdoe wrote:Just that those vests made me wonder, if some people were part of BE or not. You did see people with orange vests taking pictures and stuff...

But anything is better than no wound flag at all!
It is said (some other topic) that YELLOW vest is for Berget Crew and ORANGE are for players...
by Stena
07 Nov 2009, 00:20
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: Taking 10.000 hits...
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That's why I'm bringing that orange reflecting car vest.
by Stena
07 Nov 2009, 00:18
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: Weather & clothing..
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During Berget 5, we had +3 and rain one night. So keep in mind that the temprature can be very low during nights if the weather gets bad. Better to have a good sleepingbag and sleep without it (if to hot), rather then freeze your ass off in a to light sleepingbag. Correct... I was there and took so...
by Stena
24 Oct 2009, 20:40
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: Sleeping & Eating
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Kudos to you junior.
by Stena
19 Oct 2009, 23:56
Forum: General discussion
Topic: The Unit needs Help!!!
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Aaand it's done. ;)
by Stena
06 Oct 2009, 16:50
Forum: General discussion
Topic: facilities, rest and game area
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Correct! I've already seen the photo now I'd like to know where's the beach. ;)

p.s. Brujo imaš PM.