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by spazzio
10 May 2010, 12:34
Forum: General discussion
Topic: BAVS antitank-system
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anti tank system

I have question about this system - in one topic I found that is possible to buy RPG, Gustav ... etc.
But You can only rent a second part of system - mounted on a car.
Why I cannot buy whole system, and use it in my country later?
This is based on IR, if I use IR light it will work as well?
by spazzio
24 Apr 2010, 02:23
Forum: Radio Communications
Topic: Squad leader communications
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in our team BRAVO Co. I use 2 radios navcomm with 5W power and multi chanel/frequency options as SL, HQ comunications (RTO) and second one (actually the same model with small antena) to squad communication. First one with cable phone that i can pass it to squad leader, and second one with earphones....