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by Mrfoss
06 Jul 2011, 11:50
Forum: Berget 9
Topic: When you understood that Firm and Zansians were same group?
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I wonder how many Poldavians in the mech/inf/arty realised that the "NAF" blowing them up time and time again on thursday near the eastern roadblock and plateau were actually Zansian operatives disguised as NAF Rangers and such. We fought there from midday 'till two in the night. I was in First pol...
by Mrfoss
06 Jul 2011, 11:31
Forum: Berget 9
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I figured out Zansians, after some days of fighting. Well at least The firm = zan. This since half the camp was talking about the finish where firm this year and half saying they where Zansians. As i was captured in the naf base i talked with some infantry and got the impression they felt they where...
by Mrfoss
03 Jul 2011, 14:39
Forum: Berget 9
Topic: What really happen whit civilians at the end
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I think it's sad that it hapend, i personally tried to add a little LARP to my own play because im grateful for you that come and LARP. It gives life to the game. Im also impressed at how many civilians where everywhere on the map. It must have been a lot of walking around without anyone around. My ...