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by B2fox
02 Jul 2014, 22:08
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: Living in Dolina Village :) PROs and CONs
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Re: Living in Dolina Village :) PROs and CONs

Last year (my first at Berget) it was a blast to visit the village ! The number of poeple, the atmosphere, and the way, all would change, from freindly, to down right hostile, if we messed up. This year it seemed at bit empty, but still the interaction with the "civilians" was great fun :) Stopping ...
by B2fox
30 Jun 2014, 23:53
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: Game area
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Re: Game area

The area is great, but why not use it all ?
We have been fighting, in the same small part of the map, for the past two years.
by B2fox
30 Jun 2014, 13:27
Forum: Berget media
Topic: B12 Al Kazzar
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Re: B12 Al Kazzar

Losolos wrote:Al Kazzar .. dude :D

and the flags was one for orlov, one for GCT and one for UA17 ... but only you take one
How about your stars ? :P
I remember seeing them, in the hands of a Raven (along with a pair of blue ones btw)
by B2fox
30 Jun 2014, 13:24
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: Love letters from Rico
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Re: Love letters from Rico

Stop thinking about freedom Rico, now we got you, and you will be judged for your crimes soon! President Rico, have comitted NO crimes ! You have kidnaped an innocent ruler, of a freindly, and peacefull nation. :twisted: You'd better set president Rico free, and transport him back to Lerando, with ...
by B2fox
30 Jun 2014, 11:53
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: Wanted Posters
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Re: Wanted Posters

They were printed by B1, of the Ravens
Try to send him a PM, I'm sure he can help :)
by B2fox
30 Jun 2014, 10:45
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: BAVS feedback, suggestions & problems
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BAVS feedback, suggestions & problems

This year I saw two major problems with the BAVS system. I heard a lot of accusations saying “They must have disconnected their BAVS receiver” when people did not scor hits with their 40 mm grenades. I also had problems, and only had success, on ranges of 10-15m. I have two suggestions. 1. Four “Ali...
by B2fox
30 Jun 2014, 09:13
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: @ Rico
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Re: @ Rico

Demonic wrote:Thine Ravens art ascending
Think again !

Elements of the Ravens (no names mentioned :P ) may have failed, to protect our president, but he will be rescued, and order in Lerando, will be restored.

All hail RICO