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by RRP Taksi
30 Jun 2008, 20:47
Forum: Berget 6
Topic: *** NATO feedback thread ***
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Thanx 4 being good enemies and allies! C U NXT YR!!! :D

/Taksi, SRP "DOG 1-0"
by RRP Taksi
30 Jun 2008, 20:42
Forum: Berget 6
Topic: SRP Feedback
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:D :D :D Im happy with everything.. Crew, my leader, my troops, my comrades and last but not least, my enemies! :lol: I just wish the game would have lasted one more hour so everybody could attack us on the mountain. This was the first berget game we had toilets and water in the camp, it was almost ...
by RRP Taksi
29 Jun 2008, 01:59
Forum: Berget 6
Topic: Game over man, game over..
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Game over man, game over..

Hard guard duty.. Stash Reds in our camp! http://v...