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by Majk
24 Feb 2007, 18:21
Forum: Berget media
Topic: BERGET 5 area photos (lots of images, 56k killer)
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Hot, hot, hot! I'm sure as hell are one good looking dude. No, I'm not answer any calls, sorry girls the the picture as a radio-operator is just arranged... None of the pictures are manipulated, I know it's hard to belive but we in the crew are all this good looking, exept Anders or Frasse as u all ...
by Majk
23 Feb 2007, 23:33
Forum: Berget 5
Topic: The role of a medic
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There will be roughly 1350+ people be running/crawling and walking in rough terrain, with our previous experience in mind we estimate that people will fall and hurt themselves seriously. Therefore i suggest that everyone attending Berget V plan to have a fresh CPR education in your bagage along with...
by Majk
14 Jan 2007, 23:22
Forum: Berget 5
Topic: The Berget 5 SF/Spetznas Management team. (Presentations)
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Cool to see some of you guys starin' to introduce yourselves :P Something that all of us (I think) that have "applied" for SF/Spetznas would prob. like to see certain requirements/qualities that you will be looking for when it comes to picking the SF/Spetznas roles for players/teams... So far Im ju...