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by Kartoon
30 Jun 2008, 18:36
Forum: Berget 6
Topic: Results?
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I'm a bit disappointed myself because the last fight with NATO was cut off so early. OK, the game had to end some time and to us continuing the game would have meant no attendance to the beer party whatsoever. But it sure would've been interesting to see NATO push trough in the middle and end up bet...
by Kartoon
30 Jun 2008, 12:43
Forum: Berget 6
Topic: Player evaluation + & -
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GOOD: -SRP was very well organized and I have no regrets on the decisions made during the game. Big thanks to the whole of SRP! Tack Taksi, CPT och alla andra! -MERCS, NATO and UN were all a great sport. I personally wouldn't want to see any posts about people not taking their hits because I got the...
by Kartoon
30 Jun 2008, 12:15
Forum: Berget 6
Topic: SRP Feedback
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As the second in command I'll write down my experiences here. The first couple of days were calm and we pretty much only had to deal with people wanting to roll trough our area. It created a few tense moments, e.g when the CIA operatives first emerged with yellow armbands. After negotiations they we...