Feedback e debriefings from Berget 7.
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Post by Sebbe » 27 Jun 2009, 21:41

Thank you all for a great game, sure we hade some bummers but overall the game was great! I have no real complaints but please take the complaints in the complaint thread (i'm sure there will be one very soon).

Thank you Berget Crew, Thank you NATO, Thank you Kris, Thank you cannonfooders(Milos,SRP,Orlovs and civilians)! :D

I want to shoutout to:
HubbeGubben, HonkStonk, Kaiser, the Italian guy who picked me up at the gas station in Härnösand and ofcourse my lovley Crapgame!
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Post by rials » 28 Jun 2009, 00:05

I had a really fun game, injured and all...

Not my best airsoft performance but i had fun thats what it is all about.

I want to thank these people especially:
hubbegubben,Kenny,meathead, sebbe,( there are more but I have a memory like a gold fish :oops: )

A big thanks to Bravo first pluton, you know who you are...

Hope to see you all next year...

and last but not least i want to thank berget-events for making this possible!
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Post by Pittbull » 28 Jun 2009, 00:14

Thanks for a great game guys :D :D I specially wanna thank Meathead and all the guys in bravo coy 3rd platoon for that really fun last attack at bashir city 8) 8) And all other nato members and the target practice dolls (SRP, Mercs, Milos and civilians)
And thank you SHOOTER for all the fun jokes :lol: :lol:

hope to see you all next year :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Post by looky » 28 Jun 2009, 00:27

I hade a really nice time. on my first Berget.

My thanks to all citiecens of Bashir city, the Bashir police department, and to all who roleplayde with us. thanks to ober-lix for all the jokes and the hospitality when we visited the milo camp. and a special thanks to the girls and are pim... manager.

Hope too see you all next year! and hope you all enjoy'd the car wash.

//Madmek//Purple Shirt Guy//Wille
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Post by Tystnad » 28 Jun 2009, 00:29

I like how you note the Civilians as targets...

Said I wouldnt show up this year, but I did after all. This message is my own feelings or thoughts and does not represent my team (ODA-903).

Had a shitload of fun playing a civilian this year, gave me room to really do what I wanted to do, and not to be controlled by missions and a HQ. Was fun to do the snatch in Bashir (thanks Crapgame!), sell information to NATO (hope you dont mind the informants, Oberlix) buy information (you know who you guys are, I hope you join us next year), work with the Embassy (Hammer, give us a headsup next time) and cause general ruckus all over the place. Im not gonna point at anymore specific people, but thank you everyone for what must be my best Berget so far.

/EDIT: And thanks for the show, Ville and the girls. Made five hours of planning go faster. :wink:

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Post by Smacker » 28 Jun 2009, 10:40

Thank you guys.

In the end it was real great to be there.
and thanks to all that took us on in the first night. and i am
proud over milos defence job that time. i didnt see any enemy the first night. .

Great job on the Bashir City.

over all it was fun. but i will take an lesser role next time. :?
it was fun. :)
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Post by HubbeGubben » 28 Jun 2009, 11:17

Thanks for a fun game and thanks to all nice people in this great world that can come together as total strangers and just have fun! :D

I want to thank these people especially ( and groups ):

Rials, Noart, Shooter, Kellys Heros ;) and the really nice and funny Irishmen in the camp! :D

ELLÖR and out!

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Post by stoffi » 28 Jun 2009, 11:17

Thanks Berget! I loved Bashir City! Awesome addition.
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Post by anarchy- » 28 Jun 2009, 12:29

Bravo 4 ( Bucket Seals ) would like to hand out a big thanks to all of the guys in the mechanized unit

It's been a pleasure rolling with you guys!

And an extra thanks goes to "G.S.A 55nilsson" and "HPTH" for a really great job..

Hoping to see you all soon and play with our toy cars in the sandbox together again

P.S: "Jag lovar att alltid sätta på mig cirasen åt RÄTT håll.", "Samtidigt som jag lovar att växa lite tills nästa gång vi ses"....

"Skicka gärna "blåbär" bilden".... Den som har *hint hint*

//Kristoffer "Anarchy" Olsson

Berget Crew
Berget Crew
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Post by [Dragoons]Troll » 28 Jun 2009, 12:54

Thanks to all the people that came into bashir hostile or not.

Us police officers had a great time doing our "job" around you guys.

Special thanks to all the citizens of Bashir, The girls, priest, doctor, Mr casino man, Mr Banker, and even though we broke his foot the guy in the purple shirt.

Also a big thanks goes out to the Nato MPs. really liked roleplaying with you guys. And remember, I keep you safe.

I hope everyone liked what we did.
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Sorry missed B5.

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Post by Kvarnen » 28 Jun 2009, 16:22

Thank you all for a good game, my first one but not my last :D

Special thanks to Noart, Shooter and to you two Slovakian guys who decided to trade four dead NATO soldiers and one captured. You guys took the roleplaying to a new level.

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Post by madsvg » 28 Jun 2009, 16:36

Finally gotten home and slept well.
It's been one hell of a trip and I'd like to thank everyone (well almost) for a great game this year. :D
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Post by Laufstahl » 28 Jun 2009, 18:04

I want to thank Mr Medic in Yuri Orlov´s for a very good job. Thumbs up! That goes for Mr Medics brother too. I also want to thank our platoon leader Peter Sandberg for a good job as well. I hope we can fight together again someday. Off course I want to thank Marco, Max, Vladde, CS, Mats and a few more in out team. You guys are realy nice to hang around with. I also want to thank Spetznas glamour ;-). You know who you are .

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Post by paramedic77 » 28 Jun 2009, 23:09

The boys in Nato proudest Bravo 5 RECON want to thank all the people who made this the best game ever!

So thank you Berget crew and all the players for a great game!

this is us after we sneeked in to the red base and took out both the shilka and the mobile missile launcher.

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Post by Shooter » 29 Jun 2009, 00:00

Thanks everyone for making my first Berget game into a great experience. It really made an impression and I'm sure as hell coming back for more :D

First of all I'd like to thank the BE crew for making this possible. I also would like to thank Kris and Meathead for doing a good job in the chain of command.

Second of all I'd like to thank the entire Bravo company too. Among them Mad dog, Stargazer, Jeep Tom and Blackburn for serving with them, it was fun and I'm glad to have met you guys.

And last but not least my thanks goes to the entire 3rd platoon 1st group a.k.a "Drägg & tvångströjegruppen", Pittbull, Hubbe, Kvarnen and Koff "Pinocchio" :P for making my stay hilarious :D

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