Feedback e debriefings from Berget 7.
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Post by Mayor » 29 Jun 2009, 14:27

I would like to thank everybody who came to Bashir City to interact with the civilians there. It was great to meet you all! :D Also, thanks to the civilian players! You all made a wonderful job, even you who tried (and failed) to have me assasinated :P !!!

Some special thanks to:
¤ The Bashir Police, my great friends in Plastic Dragoons! You rule!!!
¤ Ovidius, my trusted security advisor.
¤ Hanna; "The Mayors Daughter", it was great fun to be the concened father.
¤ US State department, Mr Morris, and the Brittish gouvernment. I loved roleplaying with you guys. Thank you for working with me to make Liburania a better place to live. :D
¤ Commander Olli and the entire SRP, for great roleplaying and for a fine cooperation.
¤ Commander Saw, for letting me be a pain in the ass! :P
¤ Robman, for selling me the Milos Tigers, and to Commander Ober-Lix, for beeing a good sport. :D

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Post by SenorDingDong » 29 Jun 2009, 15:21

This was my first Berget event, and the only problem I can think of, is that regular skirmishing will just not satisfy me now.

It was amazing and I can not wait until next year.
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Post by Glim » 29 Jun 2009, 16:07

First of all I want to thank my friends, Anna, Elin, Ezther, Wille and Emil, for joining me in this. For your mad ideas (the carwash!), your humor, your hugs and smiles. You were awesome, and I'd love to repeat the characters with you next year.

Second I want to thank BE-crew for trusting us to do this.

Third.. Too many to say thanks to, so I'll just namedrop a few..

* The NATO-guy who out of nowhere gave me a massage at the check-in. I was so surpriced and it was lovely! When I then all of a sudden found you at the beerparty, I was so happy! ^^ Thank you SO much for the massages!

* Police officer Saint - For being nice to us and buying our services. You were definitely our favourite police. Too bad you hurt our bodyguard, otherwise you'd be the best.

* Ober-Lix - For the good welcome, the nice stories and the patches we recieved at the visit in your camp. We were all gonna vote Milo in the election because of you.

* Jan - For teaching us to play roulette the first night. Too bad we didn't see you so much after that.

* Johanna in the bar in Bashir City - For giving me food so I wouldn't die of hunger ^^

* HS aka The Appleboy - For lending me a couch to sleep on the first 2 nights. For the money I got when I knocked you out in church. For the 2 apples we bought and then sold to some other guy for 20 B$. Thanks a bunch.

* Mr America (the american ambassador) - For beeing nice to us ingame aswell as offgame.

* The 3 nice czech guys in SRP - For company the night between saturday and sunday, and then sunday morning after you had got some sleep. I'd love to see you all next year.

* The Mayor - For the ride home on sunday morning. Thanks a lot!

* Everyone who bought our services - Without you we wouldn't have had as much fun as we did.

If you have any pictures of us (wich I'm sure most of you do ;P), please mail them to me! PM me for my e-mailadress.

I've had a really nice time with you all, and hopefully you enjoyed having us 'ladies' around. ;P
Thanks for everything. Hopefully we'll be back next year!
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Post by shady » 29 Jun 2009, 16:16

I would like to thank all for the play, it has been an awesome experience. I had a great time.

A BIG SHOUT TO MR MAYOR - you have been awesome. There was no way for me to shifting your orientation towards the Orlov, so Ashtar Bashar Sheran was needed to show the Bashir city some light. Once again, brilliant performance. Sorry about my prefernce in Orlov, but LOOK at his campaign...I was brainwashed...I blame the internet :)

Also big THANKS to Bashir city police, I had an awesome time with you guys a special thanks to Saint for not searching me after I was suspected bank robber :)

all the civilians were playing their parts in a great way and also my cousin Thomas :D

Also thank you very much for filling out my questionnaries, I promise to post all three of them and also the results from those I got returned in short time.

It has been a pleasure for me to be part of the Bashir city.
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Post by Windi^ » 29 Jun 2009, 16:54

My thanks goes to:

-Berget crew
-Olli for the awesome job he did again
-Every other SRP player
-Every player that played by the rules and had fun
-The Mayor, it was real nice to roleplay with you :)
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Post by Seraph » 29 Jun 2009, 17:37

I was with the US Department of State and though the experience on our side was somewhat plagued with misunderstandings and repeated hostility, especially from NATO which should have been the least concern (I'll deal with all that in some other thread), we did have a great time until a serious offgame theft (Someone broke into one of our vehicles and stole valuable equipment) forced us to cancel all participation and go offgame on friday night.

For me and most of my men, this Berget event (my first) has been mostly about roleplaying (I never ever fired my M4), and I believe we made great progress in that area. I surely hope that more people can see the value of RP, it's something you don't get at your ordinary weekend game where shooting plastic is what it is all about. As for all the people who want to fight in Bashir: Surely you can find better CQB than that.

My special thanks go to:

- The Mayor
We had a great time roleplaying with you and making sure you and your daughter were safe involved some very enjoyable fast extractions and the like. I believe we accomplished a lot of things and I really hope that the storyline has a chance to continue.

- Bashir City Chief of Police
Very friendly and fun to interact with. Your willingness to cooperate allowed for good roleplaying and you made it possible to accomplish a lot in the City.

- Morgan, NATO 2nd in command
NATO's constant hostility toward us climaxed in the misunderstanding of the ages when you had received faulty orders from the Crew. But in all this chaos, being in contact with you has been a lifeline. Seeing that Kris was way too busy keeping trigger happy NATO troops in check, it was great to be able to contact you to report and confirm rogue NATO activity. It all came to the knife's edge when Bashir was under attack by rogue NATO forces and your MP's (still under your command) were on their way up to assist in an investigation, not knowing what was happening. Hadn't you let me know they were coming they would have been shot down by the people defending Bashir for sure. Oh, and sorry for giving you hell when there was a blue-on-blue up by the NATO base, it was pure roleplay.

- SRP and commander Olli
Thanks for being the only faction who didn't greet us with instant hostility! Also, standing around with you finnish guys was really fun... It's nice that some people are still reasonable and not overly trigger-happy.

- Lynx
We only met briefly, but it was nice that we could solve the misunderstanding with the barrels so cleanly and efficiently. Of course, it was never our intention to make you guys waste 2 hours looking around in the forest, it was simply the product of another misunderstanding which I am sure will be dealt with accordingly. Thanks for being so friendly.

- The Norwegian MPs
Actually I should be asking you to go to hell but I won't, haha
My last thanks go to the Norwegian MPs who were among the most hostile to us at first but whose lives were eventually saved by us up at Bashir. I hope that you have learnt something about not assuming things. Next time we meet I hope that you can be as friendly as you were in the comfort of our embassy when NATO troops (rogue, but still) were being killed all around you...

Of course, most of all my thanks go to my team for being the best guys ever, and my greatest condolence goes to our guy who got his equipment stolen. He was absolutely heart broken and this goes out to you who did this:

We will find you, and you will be brought to justice.

It is so sad that one asshole can ruin the entire experience like this.

John Ramirez, US Department of State
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Post by kjsaw » 29 Jun 2009, 18:30

Thanks to my staff, and my company commanders, you were a great team and worked together very well. Without you NATO had no chance of functioning.

Thanks to the NATO players. Sadly a tiny minority of players could not see to get into the spirit the rest of you had; They have tarnished our reputation. I know the majority of you did the right thing.

Thanks to the other commanders, every side seems to have run very well and that is beneficial for all of us.

I'll be back with a NATO AAR and more later. Right now I need to work, sleep etc.
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Post by conger » 29 Jun 2009, 18:35

I'm sure this will be agreed with .... thanks Kris and NATO Cmd staff for all the behind the scenes work most of us don't get to see.

Coordinating 100's of people for 10's of countries requires some special magic skills and doubtless buckets of patience.


Conger Out
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Post by Tystnad » 29 Jun 2009, 18:37

Ofcourse, thanks to Kris for setting us up with nice sidemissions and exchanging information all throughout the game. I hope our services came to good use at times, and that the intel we gathered meant something in the end. Once again, thanks for the cooperation Kris and the rest of the NATO HQ.
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Post by Giersu_ » 29 Jun 2009, 21:08

On behalf of my small band of striders and adventurers, I'd like to thank all of you guys - players and organizers - for the game. It goes especially to:
SRP in general for accepting a bunch of non-Swedes-non-Fins,
Olli for great leadership,
Taksi for taking into account our lack of interest in shooting ;o)
the Finnish people for a really funny language experience - it took us some time to understand that "ÄYRÄPÄÄ" isn't really "ALLAH AKHBAR" even if it sounds very much alike
and to the beautiful Northern Sweden where sun never sets (unless of course it sets for half a year).

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Post by Jonathan » 29 Jun 2009, 22:54

I have to SAY a Big thanks to Blackwolf and Hornet for your exelent guidence in all the missions to all the Bulgarians, Portuguese and Swiss players from Fox coy you guys ROCK! and last but NEVER EVER least to my Romanian Team mates, i owe it all to u guys! :*
We truley are agressive mother F..kers!
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Post by Kaiser » 29 Jun 2009, 23:43

I have to say thanks to the work Blackwolf did on commanding us...

Might have been some misunderstanding, but never was he questioned on the orders he gave.

Thanks to Hornet, for always teaching what he had learned throughout the years to me and all of those who wanted to learn as well.

Thanks to the Bulgarian and Romanian guys, naming some of them, Jonathan (the Fox 4 RO, man we had a really good and comic times during the event),ALECU (go to ass, private joke), SPAZ (nice time we had with the Michael Jackson stories and all of the jokes) Cosmo (Well you were there, you know what we are talking about), Romanian Sniper (you as well).

To Geboren and his ODA men, for Poseidon and his men, for all their effort and their great companionship, Fox 1, 2, 3 and 4 were like a clock.

To the PI.M.P's... - The Interrogator... man your Cheytac is awesome... the interrogation on the "BirdWatcher"... extremely great, the suicide preparations... ahahahha no one could have done it...


Linnéa for her translation capabilities and companionship... you play like HELL "foda-se".

Captain Norman and all of the PI.M.P's ... well... nice job on securing and preserving the NATO rules, i had to explain you that twisted situation.

Well, it was my first Berget, enjoyed it a lot, and i can say that next year i will do everything in my capabilities to return to this great event.

So, from the small, all bitten by mosquitos, grey beret, fox 11 squad leader, Kaiser - the western europe friend...

My best regards and hope this year can pass like really fast for Berget 8.

P.S. - Thanks to MrMedic and his family for having a room for me and Cypher to sleep before going to Portugal.

And using a phrase of a portuguese while not running for cover cause the bbs weren´t passing near us " We are Portuguese Mo'fos!!!"

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Post by Ripster » 30 Jun 2009, 00:03

I want to thank everyone so many to thank that I would get writers block before I'm done

but most of all I want to thank EVERY civilian player, I've never had so much fun ( or laught) so much during an airsoftgame before. And to mr addicted police officer: you know that the door is always open for a gentleman like you... unless you try to arrest one of my friends inside my casino... then we'll knock you out ;)

The stories just flipped every minute for me during the game and I just tried to do what was neccesary for me to stay alive but it made everything so intresseting.

Thanks everyone hope tp see you next year!!

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Post by hokke » 30 Jun 2009, 00:31

I want to personally thank mr.Medic and his brother for being polite and understanding on friday evening/night when we came to overlook your main gate for some lost goods. (And also for the missunderstanding thnx to berget-crew on the A column-MSR).

Also the slovaki soldiers that searched our vehicle, bringing all sorts of wierd papers to check if they were in game or not (you almost cleaned it better than we did on the evenings getting back from our adventures :P). And also letting us check the vehicle so that no missunderstanding regarding theft could be made.

(Also thnx for the norwegians for bringing us water in the nato camp before WE WERE DEPORTED FROM LIBURANIA! which also was kinda fun.
The reds we met and got coffe from when we were overlooking the previous mentioned main gate, and once again to the slovakis for such a simple yet friendly thing as lending me bug-spray when in their checkpoint.)

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Post by Blackwolf » 30 Jun 2009, 04:45


1st Thank you Berget Crew for another great Berget,You make it happen.

2nd THANK YOU TO:Kris Saw for letting me lead FOX Company


Hornet and Bulgarian and Romanina friends
Gebouran and Swiss and German friends
Paseidon And French friends
Stuntman and all Portuguese and Spanish friends

For your commitment to the game and putting up with a Shouting commander.

All you players made FOX RULE THE WAY

To All Nato Commanders and troops THANK YOU

To our Adversaries ORLOV´S,MILOS SRP and civilians Thank you for making Berget happen.

Remenber i will be back next year to be with my friends and foe.


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