Feedback e debriefings from Berget 7.
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Post by imothep » 30 Jun 2009, 05:32

I want to thank Mr.Medic for being the supreme commander he was, i dont know what berget 7 would have been without him, all the guys from ASOG in the COY 1 SF, 100% mission success and 100% fun all the way, what else can a player ask for..

and ofcourse all my other teammates from T.U.A, being the persons you are... *SNERK*

To all the other players, thanks for making berget what it was!
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Post by Geboren » 30 Jun 2009, 09:47

Haha! Feedback and thanking time!

My swiss guys from ODA 541 just fall in love with Berget.. this resume the situation :lol: .

Next year we will come, the year after too, etc etc. Thanks Berget-Events to have organized this game, even if like all the games, some little things can be changed, I think that you are kings to organize this so good.

My thanks go to:

-My guys, ODA 541 from Switzerland. I've had soooooo many moments... I can hardly tell you how much I thank you to be my friends and my comrades.. we will go to Berget next year, this is for sure!

-BlackWolf: the best commander we could have. I will always remember our moments and the way I appreciate your leading. Next year we will come with the hope to be with YOU in Fox Coy. Thanks to all your team, Stuntman, etc, you are really cool guys!!

-Vladimir and all his guys from Fox 4: you guys rox hard :D . I've loved playing with Bulgarian and Romanian players, I've learned great things! I hope to be with you next year too!

-Fox 2-2: Many thanks to Conger, one of the greatest players of airsoft for me. You are just totaly into the spirit dude, I hope to see you next year with your guys too! Thanks to Hyrican too, Fallenguard, Gaberun, Geg, the German players, the Bundeswehr player, etc. Really thank you Fox 2-2, I hope I've lead you as a platoon leader the best way I've could.

-All the rest of FOX coy, we have made great job together!

-Many thanks goes to Kris too, he had to be the mother of all an entire battalion so I think he need rest now and he well deserve it. Nice job dude, hope to see you next year too.

-Many thanks goes to our enemies too! Without you, Berget would not be the same! I've met very nice people in Orlov, Milo (Frenchies, not Frenchies, people that recognized me on pictures haha ^^). I've also appreciated the team play of Finnish players on the top of the hill in Miner's hut, when they kicked our asses. This was really cool, and I've seen good things from you.

-Thanks to the girls who made us pay 20 BD for pictures with all my guys
:lol: , now this is one of the pictures "what happen in Berget, remains in Berget" :lol: and thanks to all the players in Bashir city who might have wondered if we were japanese tourists or not haha (we really wanted to see Bashir city and this was a way to see other things :wink: )

Well, I cannot thank everyone I should, so I say it again: thanks everyone..

Geboren (Blackwolf, call me Geb, this is easier ;) )

ODA 541

B7 NATO Foxtrot 2 platoon leader
B8 NATO Foxtrott
B10 POL 3d Mountaineers 3d Coy, 1st Plt Leader
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Post by Tiger_1 » 30 Jun 2009, 09:58

First I would like to thank everyone that made Berget 7 possible, be it crew, players and support. I have had a rather hard few weeks in work before Berget, and was sick and tierd.
Now I feel great, I had such a good time I cant even remember being stressed before Berget.
I will not singel out to many people, but some do deserve mention.
Kris: The planning and work we did ahead of the game made me sure we would do fine, but when we actually got into it, It worked even better. Thank you for trusting me with taking on the 2IC role for NATO when I got there, even if that was not really my job. I had a great time working with you, and will fight with you any day! The rest of NATO should also know the amount of work you did for them, and the fact that you also did a LOT of stuff that I belive Berget crew should fix, it is NOT the Bn CO's job to drive water, or fix the showers! Thanks, see you next time.
HQ staff: The guys and Girl of HQ staff. You made the game for me. Without the work on comms, the odd jobs you stepped up and took on when I asked, and the good jokes going around, I would not have managed to do my job. Thanks, and hope to see you all again!
Coy commanders: Bravo, Foxtrot, India, Lima and Oscar. As you were the level of command I talkt the most to, you were my connection with the troops, and without your input, planning skills, and experince the bn would not have run as well as it did. Great working with all of you, and hope to see you all soon.
The roleplayers: The guys from US state department, fun working with you, and the roleplay was good. I thought the "blue on blue" pep talk was a real nice tuch, and keept thinking about a real blue on blue I have read about from Baghdad, so I knew how you guys felt. Sorry about your man getting his kit stolen, and I hope they get the guy who did it, we do not need A#¤%&¤ like that playing airsoft! ps. Might be a good idea in the future, that the US state department lets NATO command know they are in country with assest before they get stopped in a VCP, would save us all some time ;)
Mister Mayor, it was great fun talking to you, even if the situation should not have happend (I will get back to that later). When I made fun of your estimate of rough NATO attacking you sounded so genuinly hurt I almost laught. Thanks for a great roleplay part.
NATO players: Thank you for doing all the stuff we guys in the HQ got you doing. Great job!
Our enemy: You gave us a run for our money every time, great figthing you!

Just to add a few things, the beerparty was great fun, even if some events of the evening are now rather cloudy ;)

Now a few "not so good" points. Blue on blue. guys, you really really need to check your targets. I know it is not easy, but just try to keep in mind that shooting some of your own is as bad as it ever gets!

Missions that "mean nothing". I notice some of you saying things like "sitting around for 6 hours doing nothing is not what I payed for". True, but just becouse nobody takes a shot at you, does not mean you are not doing anything. For some missions your presence on the ground stops the enemy from doing what HE wants to do, by stopping him (because his intel says "NATO has a whole company there"), you are playing a vital part of the overall NATO forces ability to carry out it's mission. Sure, it is booring as hell..but being NATO is very much milsim, and hurry up and wait is a big part of being a soldier. If being part of the "greater mission" is not your thing, read my next point.

When you sign up for NATO, that means something more than getting to kit up in your hightech gear and looking cool. It means you are part of a military force with a mission. This means you can NOT knifekill POW, you can NOT run around robbing civilans, or banks, casinoes or anything else. You can not just walk of and akt like some african warlords local gang. If you feel the need to act like a mob, just messing around, join some other team. As part of NATO you are F)/&%¤"¤# up the whole game for EVERYONE! I know who some of you guys are, and I must admitt, that if I see you sign up for the same side as me next year, I will pick a diffrent team.

Berget crew. I saw some improvments since last year, thank you for that. But you still need to work on your admin. You need to have a admin guy in each camp, NATO bn CO should not have to org medivac (of real injuries), make sure showers work (enought fuel to keep the heater working a few hours each day would also be nice), or dealing with players complaints and problems relating to Berget events. That is your job!

So, just to end on a posivit note again. Thanks again for a great event. I loved every minute of it!
"go to your God like a soldier!"

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Post by Brujo » 30 Jun 2009, 10:30

Tiger_1 wrote:make sure showers work (enought fuel to keep the heater working a few hours each day would also be nice
You had showers? Snobby 8)
Nobody heated water at the beach (9°C), nevertheless I was most happy to jump in once a day and get the damn dust off... :wink:

Glad you liked the game :lol:
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Post by motorhead » 30 Jun 2009, 13:23

Thanks for an excellent game this year, BE! This only gets better and better, and I will most certainly be back next year in some role.
This game concept simply grows on you, and it's a bonus to be able to create a cocooon of satisfaction and pure delight just by being there and doing the airsoft roleplay one actually signs up for. I loved being there.

As already mentioned in some other threads I ran the HQ COM-section with 4 excellent dudes from Sweden. However, being the S6 in an airsoft event is quite different from real mil ditto. Here we have only 4 days to make things work, with less than perfect equipment and challenging terrain making radio com a factor in itself.

My thanks goes to many persons. I'll name a few, the rest know who you are :wink:

Kris - it's been a pleasure to work with you. Anytime, mate.
The months of preparation and effort you've put into this is simply outstanding. Our weekly Skype conferences leading up to B7 were very educating and contributed to our success in running that OPS.

Tiger_1 As usual - you give airsoft a special flair and it was a pleasure to work with you - again.

HQ staff Without you the game would never have worked so well.
You were the backbone and nervecentre of our operations and made things work. Excellent improvisations and you grew with the tasks at hand. The good, friendly atmosphere, the good jokes and coop you provided was essential for our HQ operations. You excelled.

Thinker, Landie, Exomorph and Zsaar
You were simply awesome and made my whole B7-experience come together. Without you the whole COM-section would not have worked - given the fact that we didn't get a real base-station and the BE-provided repeater went down due to generator failure. You were the backbone of our COM ops this year and I loved every minute with you guys. Damn proud to have you with me. Anytime, mates.

COY commanders A true pleasure to work with you and hope to see you around in other games. Running a batallion size airsoft operation needs dedicated leaders like you and you did extremely well - given the circumstances with partially failing radio equipment, hot weather and challenging ingame conditions.

When that unit worked as our relay station when the repeater failed - com worked geniously well and we could relax and focus on our message flow. We owe India COY a big thank for that asset. Kudos!

MP squad You guys are just insanely creative airsofters. Kudos!

NATO troops from all COY's You folks gave me the airsoft-event of my lifetime with your activities and radio communication. In many ways those four days reminded me of the tension and excitement one feels in a real operation. Intensely rewarding and very challenging.

The negatives:
As already mentioned by Tiger_1 - when one signs up for roleplaying in an airsoft event - there are codes of honour and rules of conduct. As NATO roleplayers we should be careful to respect Rules Of Engagement (ROE) and the mandates we're given. If this is not the case - game dynamics are negatively affected.

When operating in a batallion size airsoft unit (NATO roleplay) the very least to be expected is unit coherency and loyalty towards the game storyline and the mandates given. Some of us have invested months of planning, many days of setting up detailed plans, invested money in equipment and building up our own and others exepectations and motivation. This is were milsim takes over due to the sheer size and logistics of Berget as airsoft events. There must be some kind of structure.

When individual airsofters step out of their respective units, form their own radio net callsigns and swarm uncoordinated down to Bashir city and loots civilians, robs banks and shoots indiscriminately - the ingame mandate for our game party (roleplayed NATO) fails miserably and rapes the whole game concept. Shame on you. In a real war situation you'd been court martialled and summonly executed under certain regimes.

You may have had your moments of short-term BB-showering skirmish fun - but in the same moment you absolutely ruined the gameplay for those NATO-players who followed Berget rules, respected the storyline and you tarnished the whole big style airsoft-game concept.

The positives:
Berget is more than a "shoot-on-sight" weekend skirm. Its an experience in operating through several layers of logistics, tactics and LARP (Live Action Roleplay). The whole game concept requires a structured approach from all participants - and a healthy dose of self-dicipline and understanding of basic military operations.

If you approach Berget with the classical speedball attitude of "having paid for 24h BB'showering fun factors" you've failed miserably before coming here. That's were milsim elements like unit coherence, chain-of-command and tactical understanding comes in. Without that structure the big-airsoft-event will fail, and game dynamics suffer.

Given a pragmatic and realistic approach to the biggest airsoft-event in the world - this is by far the most challenging and satisfactory game event one can participate in as an airsofter. As long as people pay respect to the storyline, ingame parties mandates and make the game work.

Rogue ingame NATO-elements aside ( out of my hands, sadly ) - this game concept was for me a very satisfactory challenge and a pleasure to be in. One learns a lot about oneself, teamwork challenges rule and I'll most definetly be back next year.

The beer party was a downright success. Dead simple and down-to-earth in-the-field. And that band Musikpolisen made that night top itself even more.

BE improvement potential?
- A BE crew rep should always be present for elementary logistics and practical tasks handling. Kris had more than enough managing and running an airsoft batallion.

- The issued handhelt radios were OK, but gameplayer safety mandates a functioning repeater (CH12) and seriously; a 40w basestation for HQ ops was requested and could have improved player safety and ops.

- and hey dudes; what about monophones with 3,5mm earphone outlets next time? It doesn't make much sense trying to operate stealthy & tactical when that soddin' monophone broadcasts your presence to the enemy.

- The repeater should be battery-driven and not require refuelling by ingame players or more or less casually absent BE-crew. This failed miserably this year and should be improved.

But anyway, Berget Events: Thanks for for an excellent and gradually evolving game concept.
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Post by wormbyte » 30 Jun 2009, 14:21

Last year India 1 platoon was created and with just 30 men we lead by example and set a benchmark within NATO.

This year India returned with 110 men (and women) as a full strength infantry company, and even included a recon attachment for good measure.

I like to think that my initial address to the company gave you all a clear understanding of my intent and expections as the India Company Commander. I run a tight ship as many of you rapidly discovered, I don't tolerate crap and I expect 100% and not 1% less. Those that came back to India knew this and those that were new will know it for when/if they return to this renowned NATO company.

India company has a reputation within NATO and within the event as a whole. And it's the effort of every man and woman in the company that has created that reputation.

Many members from other elements within NATO looked at us and thought we took things to serious, but it's that commitment to our role that makes us a formidable fighting force.

All of our enemies that crossed our path soon discovered it as well andmost probably hated us for it. But like I said during my address to you all...."Let them hate us, so long as they fear us".

I wish to thank every member of India for making Berget 7 such a rewarding experience. We all shared the experience of Berget together and that is an experience that creates bonds for life. So in no particular order I would like to thank the:

And the Aussie (slowly converting to the way of the Irishman) - and the madest f**ker I have ever met, but was a pure pleasure to have met him!

Forgive me if I have forgetten anyone.

A special thanks goes to Mike Harrison, my 2ic, who alas, injured his leg. Which meant he was re-assigned to the Battalion HQ.

Speaking of the HQ, I want to thank all of the HQ staff for creating a very authentic HQ presence in the game. Special mention has to go to Morgan. He was officially the S2 Officer, but then also had to carry the responsibilities of the 2ic who was unable to make it to the event.

But the biggest mention has to go to Kris.

Kris, you walked the path that many would never dare to wakl and you did it with commitment and passion. Only the people immediately around you will ever know of the many challenges that faced you throughout the event and I am sure there were situations that you dealt with that only you and the Berget crew will ever know about. As a event organiser myself and as a company commander at the event (and thus exposed to much of behind the scenes actions), I can only have the utmost respect for you for carrying out such a monumentus task. I take my hat off to you sir.

Oh and Buckmaster, I am glad I made you chuckle with my ability to express myself in the middle of a fire fight......"That's a negative ZERO, I will not move to my next objective, I am in a contact situation and we are not going anywhere until this area is secure........OUT"

And finally, if someone asked me what India company did for NATO at B7 then I would answer with this: ... we were the company that delivered MAXIMUM F**KING VIOLENCE!!!!!!

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Post by Seraph » 30 Jun 2009, 14:32

Tiger_1 and motörhead> Well said.

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Post by Crapgame » 30 Jun 2009, 14:37

i wanna thank BE for a great event and then

Nato HQ you were all great guys, we had lots of fun and we did the best with the equipment given.

Kris without you pulling all the strings both with players and with BE crew the game would have been a mess. Thanks for a great game!

Mike "the english guy, hellhound" harrison(india 2ic) it was so much fun talking and joking with you and you really worked the way i do in the field and our sneak attack was one of the most funny things ive done so far, to bad i pushed you so that your knee went bad! hope to hear from you soon.

oda-903 and MP:s u made my mission in Bashir very fun, you helped my in a great way and you show a good behaviour in airsoft. Lead by example!

Company comanders mainly thinking of the ones i talked to most, Meathead, blackwolf and Ian (wormbyte?). you were great in leading your companys, u did what was required and more!.

and of course all players of B7 without whom there would never have been a game.
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Post by HORNET » 30 Jun 2009, 15:01

First I want to thank to all aggressive solders in Foxtrot Company and especially to my 4-th platoon. Аll of you gave 110 % of what you can do for the completion of the missions. We had a very little sleep and almost no rest but a hell of a lot of combat and fun. Thank you for the excellent teamwork.

Blackwolf, thank you for your excellent leadership.

Kris, thank you for all the support in the preparation for B7 and the good missions you give us.

BE, thank you for the effort to make one of the biggest airsoft events in the world. I know you can do better and that you will.

And in the end I want to give my thanks to Lima coy, for staying in the back in the combat we had together and leaving all the fun for us!


See you all next year!

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Post by Stalker » 30 Jun 2009, 18:14

When Blackwolf says important and strategic the war begins :D

Thank you,Blackwolf -you made it real.All the Bulgarian,Portuguese,Romanian,Swiss and French from Fox company.

Special thanks to Jonathan(Romania) for commitment -best radioman!
Arti-superb job as a medic.Spaz,Aleku,bring all your team mates next year!
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Post by alecu » 30 Jun 2009, 21:08

thank you fox coy, for the experience

thank you hornet for the chance you give us to be in the first line of fire almost every time,

thank you blackwolf for the mission tactics

many thanks for all bulgarian team that helped me out every time that i had problems, snaip for the "heal" after self-electrocuting my self, thanks to aleko, thanks to scarface, stalker and every each one the foxes.

also thanks to "small - private joke" kaiser :wink:

see you all next year

PS Hornet = next year we will bring all our guys

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Re: Thanks!

Post by mrklimkin » 30 Jun 2009, 22:57

Sebbe wrote: I want to shoutout to:
HubbeGubben, HonkStonk, Kaiser, the Italian guy who picked me up at the gas station in Härnösand and ofcourse my lovley Crapgame!
HI SEBBE! i've a little film of our and your camp-stove!
However, nice to meet you in the gas station! :D

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Post by Beckett » 01 Jul 2009, 00:23

+++ weather
+++++ swedish nature.. great!
++++++ Berget crew - one extra + for the organization effort.. you are the greatest!
++++ NATO BASE lookout
+++++ players all sides, fair play
+++++ INDIA 4 - thanks guys - great team! Did your best and more!!
+++++ Terenec - for making this event possible for me!
+++++ Ian, India Coy
+++++ Bashir city prep and civilian roleplay
+++++ extra to Bank manager and padre :)
+++ INDIA company
++ Kris nad NATO HQ for giving us some great recon/attack missions (hope we delivered the expected)
++ ORC deal to switch sides

--- not been able to interact in Bashir for being on NATO side
-- NATO role (for me was more like aggresive force than peace keeping force -> must control all check points and vital roads) - I felt like a mercenary (that is why I have done some things in game, some players (specialy HQ) did not like, and acted very emotionally on them - its only a game O:) )
-- no hot showers (I showered once or twice a day)

Tiger_1 wrote: I know who some of you guys are, and I must admitt, that if I see you sign up for the same side as me next year, I will pick a diffrent team.
No worries, I can assure you that :D :P
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Post by motorhead » 01 Jul 2009, 05:47

Beckett wrote: --- not been able to interact in Bashir for being on NATO side
-- NATO role (for me was more like aggresive force than peace keeping force -> must control all check points and vital roads) - I felt like a mercenary (that is why I have done some things in game, some players (specialy HQ) did not like, and acted very emotionally on them - its only a game O:) )
You're right it's only a game. But what gives you the right to spoil an ingame mandate and thereby ruining the game for others respecting the storyline and ingame rules of conduct?

You simply went ballistic and backstabbed your own ingame batallion here, dude. In a real unit you would have been court-martialled and at best imprisoned for life - let alone the more realistic hard warfare option of put in front of an execution squad.

That displays a rather peculiar form of ingame judgement from your side.
And a strange judgement of the ingame NATO task execution - unless your actual job was to compromise the ingame NATO mandate.
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Post by nivea » 01 Jul 2009, 10:07

Great praise to BE-crew who works their asses of every year so the rest of us can run around and have fun. :lol:

A big obrigado to my new portuguese friends for having me and letting me play with them, for their hospitality, their generosity and for making me laugh so much; Blackwolf, Stuntman, RDFonseca, Jess, Shadow, Doc, Kurgan, Fredy, Legionaire, Kaiser and Cypher.
And a special thanks to Black for fixing my gun and to Jess and "the evil twins" :D
Venom FTW!!

All you guys made the game so much more fun and I hope to see you again next year.

Thanks to the rest of the FOX company and to Kris for letting me use the kitchen when the line
to the washstand was so long. :)

To "Papa 1" and his guys for being so nice and giving me a ride when I needed it.

To Hornet and his guys, you were awsome and I got really impressed by you.

Hope to see you all next year! 8)

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