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Feedback e debriefings from Berget 7.
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Post by Tystnad » 02 Jul 2009, 10:01

Nihil: I play on the same team as D-Cycle, so Ill speak for him since he doesnt visit the forums that often;

I was with both him and xKaninen that night, but stayed in the city when they took a stroll outside. None of them had visible weapons (as in concealed holsters), nor would they open fire on NATO (we had blue armbands aswell, but chose not to blow our cover). And I KNOW they didnt open fire on you. Heck, we werent even allowed to leave BC on the small roads the first night, with threats from NATO of being gunned down on sight.

As it looks right now, YOU are the one whos pulling accusations out of your ass. Please, do not call a person a liar unless you can be 100% sure that what he states is untrue. Ill get D-Cycle to come on here and tell the story once again himself aswell, if thats what you need.
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Post by Hammer » 02 Jul 2009, 11:08

Nihil wrote: First of all, as many people said, most civilians were in fact MERCs or SRPs in disguise, or had a shady background, and we knew it.
You fired upon non-hostile civilians, and also forgot the simple fact that some inside Bashir City just as well could have been friendly to NATO (at least before all the NATO --- SPAM !!! ----ups), or even working for NATO. Your "shoot first, ask questions later"-policy was in disagreement with the order from your commanders, the RoE and also the mission statement.

In conclusion I'd say: Read the objectives, follow orders and play the role if you attend a big game like this.
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Andy McClane
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Post by Andy McClane » 02 Jul 2009, 19:41

I liked Bashir, and the LARP around it. Really added something. And a blowjob in the church during the fighting? Priceless!

Too bad to see people f#cking up the (strict) ROE's. Too many airsofters looking for action, indeed. GM's should have ways to spot the real good players and select them and invite them for a private mini-Berget. :D

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Post by D-Cycle » 02 Jul 2009, 20:14

Nihil wrote: I was in that terrible mess around bashir city on NATO side and I strongly urge you to check your facts before you accuse anyone like that.
k up on us!
So please, stick to the facts or don't go throwing allegations around.
Okey, Tystnad summed it all up, but I can take it again. This is first hand information from my point of view, since I was there on site.

- Two civilians, not carying any visible weapons trying to leave Bashir since there had been several NATO-attacks against that town. We did not pose any threat what so ever against NATO-forces or any other forces, and hadn't done that at all during the game at that point. Yes, we did carry handguns on us, but never had any intentions of using them. The only purpose we had for those was self defense, but it was way easier (when ROE still was respected) to get out of situations unharmed without guns rather than pulling handguns against one or several people armed with AEGs.

- A NATO-group positioned beside the road just south of Bashir. One man ordering us to halt. We stopped immediately . I state that I am an unarmed civilian, posing no threat, just want to pass. While I'm still standing still the same NATO-player says "HALT" and half a second later he shoots me and my fellow.

Yes, that ruined my LARPing experience, and any in-game confidence I had for NATO. I had tried to help the NATO-side during the whole game up until then but changed my mind because of this incident.

Accusations or not. These are my first-hand experience of the situation. I can let xKaninen - my fellow who was there at the same time write his point-of-view if you still think this is bogus. Just face the facts that ROE wasn't respected that night?
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Post by xkaninen » 02 Jul 2009, 23:03

From where i was standing. We walked up, got ordered to halt, i asked why I couldnt walk around in my own voutnry, since i was playing a civilian and live in BC. He then said "Halt or i will kill you". I then asked, whyhe and NATO would kill a civilian, then we got gunned down.

Totally ruined my experience of the game. Good job!

And dont say that we are "throwing accusations" because i was the one who got shot, so I know what happend.

About that they didnt listen to game masters, after we got gunned down, a couple of gamemasters where walking through the area with a couple of NATO guys who where being taken to BC for chroning (i think). The gamemasters said directly to the guys "hold your fire, dont move and wait until we say so". The NATO guys in the forests replied "why" and got the answer "we dont need a why, there is some problems that are being sorted out before we continue". The NATO guys then said "we want to now why or otherwise we will keep shooting".
Me and D-C then said that they are the game masters and they dont need a why, that is the point of gamemasters, they are the judges of the game. We where then told to "shut the --- SPAM !!! --- up" by the NATO, they started gunning down already hit players right after that. Although there where a non-hit player behind them in the forest, but that doesnt defend the coice of hosing everyone in the area until they litteraly walked up to them and asked if they are a bunch of fucking retards.

That was my worst night of the game, a bunch of players ruined an entire night.

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Post by skatedude » 03 Jul 2009, 06:20

nerver got a chance to see bashir city, for some reason we were always told it was off limits to us when we tried to go and we were on nato, twice the marshels turned us away, the others we were told by commanders that it waas off limits at the time.
Hopefully next year

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Post by Ocelot » 03 Jul 2009, 14:00

I think bashir city has been one of my best experience in b7

I've been there only twice, but I enjoyed playing with the PIMP the first time (our PAPPA FRIEND) and with the medic the second time.
I've to made my very best compliments to all civilians in bashir city, for their realistic interpretation...

C U next year

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Post by Kartoon » 05 Jul 2009, 16:00

HAES wrote: Next time warn the guy off game before you do somthing like that. My ear hurt a long time after that.
You are correct and I apologize for not doing so. :)

I also heard that a NATO soldier startled from the explosion and hit his nose with his gun causing minor nose bleeding. :oops:

The event was in GM knowledge but ofcourse it would have been good to warn any people in the proximity of the explosion. Also the box that the explosive was placed in seemed to multiply the volume because we tested them in our base and found them harmless. Didn't test it with the box, though..

Anyway, my apologies and also thank you for the BCPD for the RP after the incident. We enjoyed our brief stay in the lock up. :wink:
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Post by HAES » 07 Jul 2009, 04:29

Kartoon wrote:You are correct and I apologize for not doing so. :)

I also heard that a NATO soldier startled from the explosion and hit his nose with his gun causing minor nose bleeding. :oops:
Its okey if you warn the guys next time:D
hahahhaha but NATO was NATO;) they where special :P

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