Cheating as a strategy?

Feedback e debriefings from Berget 7.

Have you encountered the same cheating guys in italian camo?

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Post by Roska » 29 Jun 2009, 19:38

I think you should calm down a bit before posting anything else.

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Post by atlaz » 29 Jun 2009, 19:48

Hyrican, sounds to me like you should not be invited to this game next year.

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Post by oddsock » 29 Jun 2009, 20:50

Hyrican wrote:oddsock... tell me just who didnt broke the rules... I´ve saw many ppl using guns more like 500-600 fps shooting from 10-20 m on FULL AUTO mod. Saw some snipers using there gun from 15 m. And i dont wanna talk about some noobish HIGH CAPS.
So now you had a mobile long range chrono with you? Right.
131m/s to 140m/s guns had a safety range of 15m so that's fine then. Right?
I personally didn't see or hear any hicaps within SRP so I wouldn't know about that.. Unless you're talking about M249's with a box magazine? :)
Hyrican wrote: I´m controling my gun perfectly and do not shoot in someones face from 0-30 m cuz i´dont wanna injured someone. But i saw some from SRP 15 m from me, shooting guys WHO HAS THE ORANGE FLAG on his head right into his face on full auto and they havent 360 FPS but more like 460+ fps. cuz i ve some BBs on my face to and have still red/blue places from bbs.
It's great to hear you control your gun perfectly!
I sometimes accidently happen to hit people in the head during the heated action, though after that kind of hits I prefer to apologize.
At times, I also accidently shoot orange flagged guys, though I personally don't get upset if I happen to get some extra hits too. When you play airsoft, you should be prepared to get peppered with BB's occasionally.
If you're worried about the red marks on your face, you should use a full mask or just cover them with makeup :)
Hyrican wrote: shoot util orange... lol call your hit first, I dont wanna shoot my 30 rds. mag on you just to be sure to hear a hit from you cuz someone cant call his hit?
I always call my hits when I notice I get hit. No exceptions.

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Post by Cptn_Norman » 29 Jun 2009, 21:01

The worst "cheating" experience for me happend on saturday.
First a Milotigerdude shot one of my teammates with 8-12 shots (full auto) from 2 meter distance. luckily he didnt get injured couse the burst started on his leg and stopped around the torso area.
Then my team expirienced people who hided in between "dead men walking" down the road from bashir City, where dhey suddenly put their hand out and "knifekilled" nato soldiers.

And I must not forget the danish team (orlov I think) who where MG sniping with M249s and full gilliesuits under the whole game.

Other than these insidents I personally didnt encounter any cheating, but I heard roumors about snipers on all sides who only went for headshots even though their victims had their hole body visible.
So i think BE have a job to do regardig players and their attitude for safety.

Never take a headshot when you have other options & Respect the safety distances, and shout "Bang your dead" when pointing your gun when closer!!!
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Post by Klaus_F » 29 Jun 2009, 21:10

Lima company was like Terminator number 8976542 ver.3.89, going and destroing all that moving around.
Frendly fire OK ! ! !
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Post by conger » 29 Jun 2009, 21:14

Edited .... cut my post down! conger

Folks, the last few posts have spiralled out of hand.

Hyrican, friendly advise to you. You are digging a hole you cannot get out of. My suggestion is to dis-engage here.

Folks, Hyrican is a fair and honest player and I'll stand for that.
I can only assume he needs some sleep and some time to chill.

This is an emotive topic and will always be so, because there are a small minority of dishonest players sadly. The vast, by far the huge majority of players on all sides are honest fair players.

Mods, please advise and if necessary, clsoe this thread. It has nowhere good to go.

Conger Out
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Post by Windi^ » 29 Jun 2009, 21:24

My 2 cents. I personally didn't experience any cheating from any player or faction, but I heard many complaints about those Italian NATO terminators from many different people from all the factions.

But I feel need to say about accusations of SRP cheating. I cannot tell if there was some cheating or not, because I can not know. I can tell that I took my hits if somebody hit me.

BUT, I can tell, that the SRP, the Finns knows each other very well. And I know Finland's airsoft culture. Here no one never uses hi-cap magazines and no one used them in B7. Either those "hi-caps" where M249 or RPK box mags or you heard something that wasn't there.

I agree with Roska and the others about the bushes. It is really hard to get the BB's to get trough bushes. Most of them won't get past, the BB's are so light that the smallest branch or grass might send the BB flying in totally different direction. Go on and try, you'll see.

Also seems like Hyrican's storie is changing all the time, so I really don't know what to say. Maybe: Try to decide what is what and what isn't. Was it 5m and you broke the safety distance rule, or 15m and you didn't and so on.

And also, if that kind of cheating took place, go and walk to the player as an offgame player and take his number up. That's it.

And it is really unecessary to complain about getting hit even when wearing the dead rag. These things happens in this sport, no one shot the wounded unnecessarily just for f*ucking them up. Many times those who where dead stayed on the line of fire standing and behind them was players that were not hit. So what do you think that happens in this situation? In these kinds of situations I took my deathrag, stepped few meters away from the fight and sat down to wait the situation to cool off. That way I wouldn't get hit unecessarily. And even if I would, I won't mind, it happens.
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Post by Brujo » 29 Jun 2009, 21:39

+1 to Windy

I found SRP's to be very fair players, they even went down with a WAAAH! or OWW!

Come to think, nobody cheated my hits, I did miss a few guys though. I guess I'll have to do better next time. :wink:

Italians, those I know, (multicam guys from team MSP) are indeed very honourable, positive, dedicated and fair players. Would be pity to throw all in the same basket. I do not think it is fair, Gom.

Hyrican, I feel sorry for you, I hope there were also positive moments in the game for you. There is really no need for you to be ill over the immense injustice the leaves and branches bestowed upon you.
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Post by Deki_AKS » 29 Jun 2009, 21:50

That AWWW, ARGHH and UGHHH sounds were really scarry. I'v seen it done by NOR players too. They were storming our position and our sniper took out his GBB. He shot at each target twice and they all made these sounds of pain. I tought, is this guy doing with his 300fps gbb :).

Now I am calmed to know that it is a part of milsim. I would still prefer to hear HIT instead 8)
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Post by Roska » 29 Jun 2009, 22:00

Sound of pain worked better, you got shot less afterwards :D

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Post by Hyrican » 29 Jun 2009, 22:07

How ever the game was really nice, think it was my best one ever.., how ever i m calm as allways just told you my point of view. I´m not this kind of person whos cares about injuries on my self. Just wanna tell you how i ve chroned some guns on the field ;)

I´think you know what I´ve mean with high caps mags. I hope so :D

Airsoft is a "trust you" game.

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Post by M.Anthopoulos » 29 Jun 2009, 22:09

About the Cheating Italians:

Our squad fought first time in thursday with Italians, when they were attacking to the hill where the Miners hut was. In that time we shot lots of BBs towards to Italians. Most of them took hit as I hear "Medicio!", but many of the Italians didnt take any hit, but as good advice: "Shoot as much as the enemy shows orange deadrag"

Next time I fought with Italians saturday apox. clock 13.00 I shot four Italians who where just standing on the road leading to the Bashir City from the southside of the city. I shot almost 200 rounds of BBs towards them and the distance was about 30 meters. They took hit in to chest and head but none of them didnt take any hit and lie down as injured.

That was the most frushtrating moment in the whole event, but as other people has said in this topic: even only a very few people can ruin other peoples game making this kind of action.

Lets hope that people would learn something about this year, so next years game would be cheating free :D

P.S. I dont have anything against Italian airsofters, but I hope you Italians (who cheated) would learn something by reading this feedbacktopik.

Italiano di terminazione! :lol:
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Post by Roska » 29 Jun 2009, 22:10

Well I hope you have no hard feelings towards us SRP players as I surely do agree with you when it comes to cheating and all that, I just find it somewhat unbelievable, as the airsoft scene is quite small in Finland and I personally know most of the players in SRP-side, so... :P well who knows, lets hope that next year will be better.

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Post by Parzi » 29 Jun 2009, 22:29

I think going down with a mighty "arrrrrghhh" makes it more realistic. Sometimes i even yell my mommy if i only get injured :cry:

In northern finland where i mostly play we have tried to keep this "dying with a shout of pain" a little addition of realism to milsim games. Also this mighty yell is your last strategic action before your death. Many times your friends dont hear hit yell. But when you yell like hell all your friends hear it and can get a some clue that what direction enemy is coming and so on :P
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Post by Ukkolzi » 29 Jun 2009, 22:35

Didn't notice any major cheating, execpt maybe from that certain Italian group.

Unless you don't actually see & hear your BB's hitting your foe, don't get pissed. Many times I had thought "hm, didn't I hit that guy?" but it is very possible that the BB's just landed in front of him, hit some branches or leaves on the way, or he did not simply notice if he was just diving into cover, running like hell or something. Get over it and shoot more, it ain't that serious!

On a side note, I actually dodged one long MG burst by smoothly rolling sideways into cover from a kneeling position. It was awesome. :D

And I second what most of the other Finnish SRP players have said here. Unless it was a support weapon, no hicap rattling was heard. As for the players themselves, most are very honourable and take their hits whenever they notice, as we believe in fair but hard game. If a Finn player is seen cheating by other Finns, he'll get a shitty reputation.