Cheating as a strategy?

Feedback e debriefings from Berget 7.

Have you encountered the same cheating guys in italian camo?

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Post by ORTE » 01 Jul 2009, 02:35

Hi guys!

I really don't know how answer to this kind of topic....I surely agree with Swatte about Italians company behaviour and also confirm that, as a LIMA Medic, I've treated a lot of guys that wasn't in my squad but they were also Italians.

I know that in all goods family there are some "Black Sheep" but, please, don't say that all Italians Guys are cheater....that is incorrect...maybe I can say the same if in the other factions all guys of the same nation were dressed whit same camo! We were a lot and we can't take care that anyone respect rules, but I belive that anyone has done his most and that if some trouble happends, the best solution is to call for a Marshall during the game.

See you next year!

(Only for Info, when Lima (Italians) Company attacks Bashir city in the afternoon of Saturday, a lot of them was Hitted by another NATO squad, and Lima forces were halved!)

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Post by SWATTELAPESCA-UFO » 01 Jul 2009, 10:21

Voron13[Woodcats] wrote:Hi all!

Can anyone from NATO or GM can accept/reject this:

at 9:00 on Saturday, just before artillery strike on NATO base ALL italian group was outside the NATO base and ready to work?
Just few minutes before we have seen a lot of GM in our base, so we have run away in the wood. After artillery strike GM have choosen some NATO players to be dead: players have dressed orange cap and goes to respawn point.
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Kadmillos ASIK
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Post by Kadmillos ASIK » 01 Jul 2009, 11:17

Voron13[Woodcats] wrote:Hi all!

Can anyone from NATO or GM can accept/reject this:

at 9:00 on Saturday, just before artillery strike on NATO base ALL italian group was outside the NATO base and ready to work?
i really don't know why , the only thing that i know is that our first in commando Kris came in our base camp in the left corner of the Madagascar camp ad order us to prepare and take the position in that flanc.

I play as squad leader in the Lima Coy and i obbey at this command istant.

All my squad (sierra 1) cames with me and all the lima Coy taking the position. I really don't know how kriss know that, i have also seen many GM and BE crew standing in our base and i find a confirm in the kriss words.

This is my 3rd Berget , always in NATO Side and this is the first time that i read a topic like this, i'm sorry if you see someone in Vegetata (italian digital camo) who cheat, but remember that there wasn't only italian in this camouflage.

This is my last reply on this thread you you need some other clarification please send me ad Mp.

Thank you.
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Re: Cheating as a strategy?

Post by BRITISH- » 01 Jul 2009, 12:52

[quote="gom"]I would like to thank the Berget crew for a great job done.
Considering that they had to face the situation when landlord of the area originally intended for Berget 7 refused to rent it, and that they had to prepare all the game from scratch in a completely different location, the event was really great!

My worse feelings about Berget 7 rise from the absolutely dishonorable behaviour of certain players on NATO side.
I have met also players on the NATO side, which were really honest and admitted all the hits, but this is definitely the case of many players in italian digital camouflage. I have heard so many complaints against their behaviour from players from all other sides, that I can't call it then a systematic cheating strategy.

I will be straightforward and say what i saw!!! I'm english but have been living in Italy for 10 years now, this year I was at berget in Lima (sierra 3) I was also in close contact with the company comander to help with any translation or communication issues.
I am sure that within Lima company there were "some" elements that cheated and did not behave correctly, but i am also sure this is the same within ALL the other Companies/fractions SRP/Milo's etc.
In defense of lima Company on the second day of Berget, IAN the India comander asked our comander if INDIA 02 could join our company for the mornings mission, INDIA 02 was made up of players from Israil, this year these players wore CAMO VEG. ITALIANA, the same as the italian players in Lima company. INDIA 02 did not behave correctly in Bashir city that morning and demonstrated the way THEY like to play!!!! However when we(lima) returned to Nato base camp we were then accused of playing badly and not following orders!!!!! All this because one group of players from a different company just happened to have the same CAMO AS LIMA/ITALIANS.

I enjoyed berget a lot and look forward to returning next year under the comand of "sven" and his platoon comanders.


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Post by Ocelot » 01 Jul 2009, 13:02

yasirotta wrote:"Have you encountered the same cheating guys in italian camo?"

I must say all diddnt.
There was one group of Italians, playing NATO side. There was one female medic and i get as prison at place called "bunker". That time some other group made attack, and all that group took their hits. No problem. This group was ok, and you you guys remind me i must say i enjoyed that moment, it was fun :)

But that other guys who raised finger after being hit, diddnt knew anything about the rules. Always there is something minor things, like running and dont notice if hit, thinking it was bouncing bb and dont take hit etc. etc.
My dear friend, i was the teamleader of that group. the sierra 6 squad. We've had a great time taking you prisoneer (i was the one who talked with you couse of my better english than other teammates).

I'm glad of your compliments i hope to see you next year

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Post by Rhyn0 » 01 Jul 2009, 13:31

I had 2 contacts with Italian players, both we're friendly encounters( we were dead).
I want to tell you the story of one of these encounters:

My small group of 5 Milo( dead after the failed assault on SRP and attempted ambush to catch the mayor's daughter), went off to Miner's hut(?? the respawn point near the power lines), hoping to find it friendly. It wasn't , it was blue, and inside we found 6 or 7 other Milo's who were just resting there in the shade( not attempting to respawn). We rested there a bit, exchanged stories, and then a platoon o italians came( NATO side). We talked a bit, and we asked for permission to respawn at their control point. Their platton commander said he'll contact HQ and see what they say.

WE waited for approx 10 minuts while he talked with HQ on the radio. Finally, very cassually he started talking to his guys in italian.
Now, lucky for us, Romanian and Italian language are very similar(Latin based) so us romanians have an easy time understanding italian, even if we didnt study it. I have an ear for italian, and so i understood most of what they said.
This is what the platoon CO said to his guys ( in italian):
"Allright guys, heads up, we have a SPECIAL MISSION. We have to let them respawn, then KILL THEM, HEAL THEM AND TAKE THEM PRISONER".

Now, hearing this, i informed the guys and we got ready to move out( we were dead, there was nothing they could do to us). This is where the golden moment came:
The platoon leader came to us, and said:
"Look, This is what HQ told me to do, i think it's idiotic and stupid and i don't want to do it".. and he told us about the backstabbing plan. He said he wanted to make some kind of deal for information, so he doesn't look bad with his CO, but we refused, and we explained to him that since we were dead, they could not FORCE us to respawn, had absolutly no control over us, and that we understood what they said in italian , so he had an explanation for coming empty handed. Everyone was cool, and it was a very fairplay thing he did.

I want to thank that commander and his squad for the fairplay they showed, and i want to berate whomever gave that order for the .. "good roleplay". When has ever NATO pretend to be friends, then shoot and take prisoners for information?!?! THEY WERE ORDERED TO SHOOT US IN THE BACK! FROM HQ!
So maybe all you guys pointing at this squad, or that squad or this nationality or the other should look to your COMMANDERS AND HQ as well.( or their commanders if case applies). we have a saying here in Romania which i'll try to translate: the fish usually goes bad( spoils) from the head down.

I cannot comment on Terminator not taking their hits players, because i only saw 2 of them the whole game, and it was a questionable situation. I took my hits and 99% of my kills took their hits. I know the frustration( of fighting immortals, and i sympathise. But to be fair, that contact with the italians was very nice and friendly.. and the fairplay was top notch.

In ending,i say SHAME to whomever gave that order to that squad.
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Post by Ana » 01 Jul 2009, 13:57

I was part of a squad of 8 people from Orlov COY 4 (all of them Czech people). We were trying to get to rest of our people who were already at their positions around NATO base on saturday morning. Some 100 meters away from nato base we split into two team of 4. Our team continued the approach to nato base and as we reached the base primeter right after the second bombing we met russian attack by other people from red team. We joined the attack and then the shit hit the fan.

We got flanked by team in italian camo and the contact distance was something like 20 meters so you could see all the hits very clearly.
1) My friend shot one guy who lied down not shouting Hit or anything. My friend shot at least 40 shot at him hitting him at leas 20 times in his hat but this guy just waited few moments and then ran away and continued to play.

2) I shot another guy with one whole 90 round mag clearly seeing bullets bounce off his whole body...nothing happened. I had to empty another whole mag on him until he shouted Hit.

3) There was incoming quad with two players near the base gate, I shot both and they took their hits but next moment there was some medic walking to them trough open ground like nothing was happening around. At least 3 people fired at him and I saw like 100 bullets bounce off this guy and he continued in healing others.

These were not the only cases of "cheating" that happened during this attack and after if we saw around 5 nato players going away as dead but that seemed a little bit odd after half an hour of intense attack by 40 people.

I am pretty sure that these guy were italians as they shouted something in italian. This incident pretty ruined otherwise nice game moment.
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Post by Tat0 » 01 Jul 2009, 13:59

Rhyn0 wrote:I had 2 contacts with Italian players, both we're friendly encounters( we were dead).
I want to tell you the story of one of these encounters:.......
Hi Rhyn0, that team was Lima - Sierra 8, i was in that group. Happy to see you in the forum.

Bye byeeeee
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I'm an asshole and sorry about it.

Post by Jutila_P » 01 Jul 2009, 14:06


I played an engineer in a SRP recon squad (ROTTA3). During the game I didn't witness any cheating at all and I was involved in eight firefights with either Orlov's or NATO guys.

There was one incident that I'm not that proud of.

Our recon squad reinforced with a another squad climbed the hill with the wind generator (Vårdkasen?). We had been there all day and we're pretty tired so we got lazy and just walked along a path next to the ski slope.

That was my first mistake, I really need to exercise more so I don't feel compelled to expose myself and rest of my team like that.

We spotted a couple of guys in the looking tower, I cursed my stupidity. We had been spotted and we were still a long way from the nato base. I thought that the guys in the tower must be nato, because our team had destroyed a nato vehicle on the top of the hill few hours before.

We had no choice but to abandon our mission or to take out the guys as fast as possible. We chose to attack. Our small force of eight fighters moved rapidly towards the looking tower and flanked it from left and right.

I took a calculated risk and ran over the parking lot, enemy had taken cover so I thought I have a good chance crossing the lot. I did.

Now I was next to the looking tower wall, to my left was a low wall and behind it stairs to the top. Last time I saw one the enemies was in the stairs. I leaned past the corner and fired a burst at him from a distance of 1-2 meters. He took a hit instantly, then a conversation ensued:

Guy with a red armband: "I said BANG."
Me: "Well, I shot you."
Guy with a red armband: "OK."

He put on his death rag and went offgame.

I knew there was at least two more guys in or near the tower. So I circled from the right, counter-clockwise.

Another enemy was sticking his M4 past the corner, I took a few sidesteps, leaned in and fired a burst aiming at his chest. He stepped back, I didn't hear him say "Hit!" so I followed him and fired another burst at his chest. I was in the open now and his teammate up in the the tower took me out with a burst to the back of my head.

In retrospect I could have just taken a few steps and grab the barrel of his M4, but I don't think on my feet like that. I just did what I have learned to do on my local CQB-site, shoot until orange.

The guy I shot admitted the hit this time but got furious with me. There was an argument. I was suprised so I got defensive. I should have been more polite. At some point I thought he might even get physical with me. I think his point was that I shot him too close or with sprayed him with too much bb's. I tried to explain that my gun is stock and chronoes 93m/s with a 0,2g bb NEW. At berget check-in it chronoed 60-80m/s, I guess it didn't like the Excel bb's or something.

In my opinion I played by the rules, I didn't shoot him inside my guns safety distance, though I was very close, maybe 1,5-2m away from him. But my conduct in the aftermath was ungentlemanlike (If that's a word) and I'm sorry for that. I came to Berget to make enemies ingame and friend offgame.

I met the guy later during the last day defending Bashir City, I guess he was still upset because he only commented "Oh, it's you." So whoever you are, I'm sorry for being an asshole during the discussion and I would liked to buy you beer during beerparty but I never saw you there.

PS. I also shot the guy who owns from a pretty close distance. But you seemed ok with it so, no hard feelings?

PSS. <- That's me.

PSSS. These kind of things really bother me, and this was my only negative experience in Berget 7 so I hope took the time to read my post with thought.

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Post by dunedan » 01 Jul 2009, 14:56

"Another enemy was sticking his M4 past the corner..."

This individual with the M14 what team was he on? I also shot a guy with an M4 and he did not take hit but who cares I might have hit mags on vest or something. So then he shot me from 6-7 meters distance and hit my head, even thou I had my boonie on I got a big bloodfilled welt. The guy was part of an attack on Nato base thursday night, when several of us just came home from the bunker fight. He and a few more from brown and white team came in a pickup, one of the guys said they where sent from Berget crew to attack. Same guy shot Master Mag in the face and when he asked what the gun croned the shooter dident even know, but a friend of his said it was about 145. Totally not cool shooting me from 6-7 meters with that strong of a gun, I was in alot of pain and wonder what would have happend if I dident have the boonie on my head. If you have that powerful of a gun use your sidearm when people get close ffs!

edit: my bad misstock M4 as it was a M14 that sshot me....
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Post by MasterMag » 01 Jul 2009, 15:09

Yes, this guy was in a group of three. One had a support weapon who shot from legal distances. But this guy with a M14 and Scope shot me from under 10 meters with ATLEAST 145 m/s sniper. Got a big gush on my cheek that still remains. The weapon he used was BLACK.

It was the day after he shot Dunedan in the head from 6 meters (We know it is the same guy since he was with me when i got shot the day before)

If I see him again on a game i will discuss it with him for sure, i was a bit stunned just when i got shot.

This one is close: Image

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Post by Tato » 01 Jul 2009, 15:27

Honestly, when I see these kind of topics I get mad and I am simply surprised that the gamemasters don't shut this mess up. :twisted:

If one does not have the balls to approach a "cheating" player during the game and discuss any misunderstandings then one should STFU and stop whining about how "bad the other guys" where.

I qoute B7 rules:
On many games there is always some gossip about players and teams not taking hits or behaving in a non honorable manner. Unless you have solid proof keep this information to yourself and if you should tell anyone, tell your fellow game master.
After-game discussions on forums of this kind serve no purpose whatsoever. Get a life people.

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Post by mrklimkin » 01 Jul 2009, 15:30

yasirotta wrote:"Have you encountered the same cheating guys in italian camo?"

I must say all diddnt.
There was one group of Italians, playing NATO side. There was one female medic and i get as prison at place called "bunker". That time some other group made attack, and all that group took their hits. No problem. This group was ok, and you you guys remind me i must say i enjoyed that moment, it was fun :)

But that other guys who raised finger after being hit, diddnt knew anything about the rules. Always there is something minor things, like running and dont notice if hit, thinking it was bouncing bb and dont take hit etc. etc.
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Post by Radar_PiBtl144 » 01 Jul 2009, 16:02

Maybe the exact and detailed clearance about the gamerules could solve the problem. As far as i can see, in each country, team or community, the game rules can vary a bit. Somewhere friendly fire doesn't count, somewhere is it equimpent or gun...

Not admitting the hits is annoying, but I'm kind of used to it from my early airsoft years :) If someone does not admit a hit, I empty the whole mag right into his face.

Far more worse for me was another scenario. As a combat medic, I'm used to run under fire to take care about wounded, i often drag them to safety (most of the time with the help of my buddy) and I ALWAYS use the whole bandage to treat them (approx. 4 meters).

Two things totally disgusted me:

1) medics using 10 inch long bandages (taking about 15 seconds to wrapt around ones wrist), not waiting two minutes as ruled.

2) People getting hit, standing up, raising a hand, walking to a medic to be treated. What the fck?
Medic, who approached a wounded, put him on his feet and then walked him to safety...

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Post by Tystnad » 01 Jul 2009, 16:05

Radar_PiBtl144 wrote:If someone does not admit a hit, I empty the whole mag right into his face.
And thats why some people shouldnt be allowed to play airsoft.
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