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Feedback e debriefings from Berget 7.
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Post by Alchemic » 03 Jul 2009, 16:48

to Thinker and Beckett:

no problem guys, things happen and we all must at our best will so the everyone gets a good game.

Thinker yes one of my teammates was a bit more frustrated than he should but I guess we have solved the issue on the road and shaked hands. I have to admit that after this handshake the day looked much more brigth! :) Thank you for understanding.

However the plan was to shoot down you car on the road to Bashir and to block the way for the convoy, which was comming :) but the plan did not worked out perfectly :)

to all:

the idea of this topic was to share the thoughts how we can improve ingame vehicle usage/experience not to blame people for their mistakes. Sorry if I made this wrong twist.

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Post by jdoe » 04 Jul 2009, 18:29

Same apologies from here.
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Post by hezi » 05 Jul 2009, 15:44

it would be an issue to consider if each base or side should be assigning his own transportation for moving the troops from and out of the game area, and to the use of each base command at his disposal of need.

there were some hours wasted in doing just walking back to nato base after the mission had finished

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